Dwarven Factory Quest

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This quest is obtained after completing the White Citadel Quest with a mainstat of 100 (unbuffed), and is given by the same person.

Muscle classes:

Ah, <player name>! It must be fate that conspires to bring us together at this time, for I have a request to make of you, a mighty task to test your mettle! I have recently purchased an item of great power from the mysterious forges of the 7-foot Dwarves, but I have yet to receive it. The quest upon which I would have you embark, is to infiltrate the subterranean factories of the Dwarves, disguised as one of their own, and recover for me the item I seek!"
"Umm..." you hesitate.
"I'll pay you."
"Oh, well, in that case, sure."

Mysticality classes:

You hear Blaine calling to you from his crate, and crouch down to listen. "Say, could you do me another favor? I ordered something from the 7-foot Dwarves' factory a couple weeks ago, but it never got delivered. Could you go pick it up for me? You'll have to dress up in one of their uniforms and sneak in through the mine entrance, but that shouldn't be much trouble for an adventurer like yourself, right? Please? I'll pay you for your trouble."
Well, since he said the magic word ('pay'), why not?

Moxie classes:

"Oh, hey, just the adventurer I've been looking for. No no, come back, this is on the level, I'm tellin' ya. Listen, I've got a whaddayacallit for ya. You know, one of them things you guys're always doin'. A quest! Yeah, that's the ticket. See, you know those dwarves over at McLargeHuge, right, the really tall guys? Well, I ordered some merchandise from them, and they haven't delivered. Something about overextended credit or something, I dunno. Anyway, I'm thinking it'd be a pretty easy job for someone -- and by 'someone' I mean you -- to dress up in one of their outfits, and sneak in and grab my package. Er, I mean... well, you know what I mean, yeah? So whaddaya think?"
"Why don't you go do it yourself?" you ask.
"I, er... I got a bad back. Yeah. My winnebago's actin' up. C'mon, be a pal. I'll even pay you."
"Well, all right."




Muscle Classes

You give the large thick envelope to Olaf, who accepts it with a gleam in his eye. "Huzzah! I see that you have returned triumphantly, my friend! Now, feast your eyes on what miracles those ancient craftsmen have wrought..."
He tears open the package, and the object inside gleams with a brilliant light. "Behold! The power and glory of Dwarven Steel Wool! No rust stain will be safe! No tile grout shall remain uncleansed! There shall be a mighty polishing indeed!"
He hands you some meat, saying, "Thank you, my friend, you have done me a great service this day. In the annals of history, your deeds shall not be forgotten."
Meat.gifYou gain 1,000 Meat.

Mysticality Classes

You slide the bulky envelope through the slot in Blaine's crate. "Finally! Thanks a bunch; here's some meat for your trouble."
You hear him tear open the envelope. "A precision-engineered crowbar -- exactly what I need to get out of this damn crate... Crap! The nails are on the outside!" You walk away, shaking your head, as he mutters angrily to himself.
Meat.gifYou gain 1,000 Meat.

Moxie Classes

Izzy grins as you hand him the bulky envelope, and tears it open with reckless abandon. "Oh yeah, baby, come to poppa! A genuine Dwarf-forged wallet chain! Let's see those bastards pick my pocket now!"
He hands you some meat. "There you go, don't never say I don't pay my debts. Well, most of them. Some of them. ...Don't never say I didn't pay this one particular debt."
Meat.gifYou gain 1,000 Meat.

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