Eau de Tortue

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Eau de Tortue

Eau de Tortue

You smell like turtles. Happy turtles. Amorous turtles.

Helps you tame turtles

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Effect number: 263
Description ID: f3a452bc7787ab2f5985d28d164a4fb0
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  • Before the Turtle Taming revamp on July 15, 2014, this effect was required to encounter Turtle Taming adventures. Before the revamp, this effect worked differently:
    Using the turtle pheromones granted 10 turns of this effect, or 5 turns if you had the Garter of the Turtle Poacher in your inventory.
    You encountered a Turtle Taming adventure after 0 to 7 turns have been spent, or 2 to 4 turns with the Garter.
    You were not able to stack this effect.
    This effect could not be removed. Attempting to do so would fail with the message:
    No matter what you do, you can't get the smell off of you.


  • The French phrase "Eau de Tortue" literally translates to "Water of the Tortoise", implying a urination joke, but is actually a reference to Perfume.
  • The effect was formerly named "Eau D'tortue", a misspelling, as the "d'" contraction should only be used before words beginning with a vowel sound.