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This is a list of effects in the Kingdom of Loathing, ordered by number.

Effect IDs can easily be determined by viewing the source of an effect's description. Below the header, you can find the following text:

 <font face=Arial,Helvetica size=2><!-- effectid: # -->

where # is the effect ID.

Alternatively, effect IDs can also be determined by using a soft green echo eyedrop antidote, and viewing the source code of the effect to remove. It will be in the HTML just in front of the effect name, in code that looks like this:

 <input name="whicheffect" value="XYZ" type="radio">

where XYZ is the effect ID. Additionally, if an effect is supposed to only last for 1 turn and is given in combat, like Frozen Hands, use a tattered scrap of paper to end the combat without consuming a turn, and the soft green echo eyedrop antidote to find the ID.

Additionally additionally, if you use URL manipulation, and don't mind checking several possible IDs, you can find the ID without a soft green echo eyedrop antidote.


Input your hash and an ID, and paste it into your browser's address bar. If you don't currently have an effect with that ID, you'll get the error "You don't have that effect." However, if you have the effect, but it can't be shrugged off, like most effects, you'll get "That can't be shrugged off."

Although the first method works for any effect, the other two cannot be used to find the ID of intrinsic effects.

Effects (By Number)
1-99 | 100-199 | 200-299 | 300-399 | 400-499 | 500-599 | 600-699 | 700-799 | 800-899 | 900-999 | 1000-1099 | 1100-1199 | 1200-1299 | 1300-1399 | 1400-1499 | 1500-1599 | 1600-1699 | 1700-1799 | 1800-1899 | 1900-1999 | 2000-2099 | 2100-2199 | 2200-2299 | 2300-2399 | 2400-2499 | 2500-2599 | 2600-2699 | 2700-2799 | 2800-2899 | 2900-2999