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This page is to help you unravel the mystery of El Vibrato Island.

Getting to the Island

To get to El Vibrato Island, you must obtain and use an El Vibrato trapezoid, which sets up A Shimmering Portal at your campground.

Recharging the Portal

The portal is initially good for 20 trips to El Vibrato Island. After that, you need to obtain more El Vibrato power spheres to keep it powered. More spheres can be found by sailing to any of the coordinates: (59,10), (86,40) or (48,47). Each sphere is good for 5 more adventures in the portal. The O Cap'm, My Cap'm adventure is limited to occurring every 29 adventures or more.While adventuring at the portal, you can also acquire overcharged El Vibrato power spheres, which will keep the portal charged for 10 adventures.


As you adventure at the island, you will fight constructs which drop various punchcards. You can use the punchcards to "reprogram" the constructs and order them to do useful things.
See El Vibrato punchcard to get a better idea of how they are used/linked/related.

El Vibrato punchcard (104 holes) (SPHERE) is only obtained by giving a specific command to a hulking construct.

Ordering the Constructs Around

Giving a command to a construct works by using two punchcards in combat against one in the correct order. each punchcard is either an action (ATTACK, REPAIR, BUFF, MODIFY or BUILD) or a target (TARGET, SELF, FLOOR, DRONE, WALL or SPHERE). Each action you make a construct do is done by using a command card and then a target card.

Bizarre construct

Hulking construct

Industrious construct

  • BUFF FLOOR: The construct buffs the floor to a mirror sheen.
  • BUFF TARGET: The construct buffs you to a mirror, doing 20 damage to you in the process.
  • BUFF SELF: The construct buffs self, doing 20-30 damage to itself.

Lonely construct

Menacing construct

  • ATTACK WALL: The construct shoots the wall (with no effect).
  • ATTACK SELF: The construct will shoot itself

Towering construct

Getting Yourself a Megadrone

Make sure you have the following items:

Now, follow this sequence of events:

Acquiring The Outfit

You will need to encounter the towering construct three times, requiring a total of three El Vibrato power spheres and three MODIFY SPHERE commands. As the spheres are also required for charging the portal and can only be obtained every 29 adventures, this can get quite costly in adventures. Ideally, you want to be done with the portal in the initial 20 visits. Getting the megadrone at the same time is a good idea as the steps can be performed at the same time.

First, acquire three power spheres from O Cap'm, My Cap'm by adventuring in the Poop Deck. The constructs can be faxed and copied. The punchcards can be purchased from other players. The El Vibrato punchcard (104 holes) (SPHERE) punchcard is more expensive and you probably want to acquire the punchcard yourself. Menacing construct gives ATTACK and towering construct gives WALL. Lonely constructs will give MODIFY punchcards. Hulking constructs give ATTACK, WALL, and MODIFY punchcards.

The first option is to buy the ATTACK WALL command for hulking constructs and simply fax/copy enough until you get three SPHERE punchcards. The second option is to fax/copy the other constructs for the punchcards before fighting thee hulking constructs. You can also try for encounters in the 20 adventures you are initially alotted and fax in the towering constructs afterwards. Transcendent Olfaction or odor extractor is valuable here for encountering the constructs you need. Once you have all the punchcards you need, encounter the towering construct and issue the MODIFY SPHERE command three times. The pieces are obtained in order of El Vibrato helmet, El Vibrato energy spear, and El Vibrato leg guards.

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