Elder Turtle Shell

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Elder Turtle Shell
Elder Turtle Shell

This is the shell of one of the ancient order of Elder Turtles, untimely ripped from his brutally slain corpse.

It retains his strength and determination.

Type: hat
Power: 100
Muscle Required: 15
Outfit: Legendary Regalia of the Chelonian Overlord
  (4 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded

Muscle +11
+3 to Familiar Weight

(Bonus for Turtle Tamers only)

(In-game plural: Elder Turtle Shells)
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Item number: 151
Description ID: 602920283
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Obtained From

The Dark and Dank and Sinister Cave (one time drop)
Stella, the Turtle Poacher


  • This Epic Hat is given to Turtle Tamers when they defeat their nemesis at the Dark and Dank and Sinister Cave.
  • Although technically only a shell, Headbutt recognizes this item as a turtle helmet and thus deals more damage when this item is equipped.
  • The enchantment on this hat changed on August 18, 2009, when the new Nemesis quest was rolled out.


  • The shell being "untimely ripped" from the corpse is a reference to Shakespeare's Macbeth, in which Macbeth is killed by Macduff -- a man who was "from his mother's womb / Untimely ripped."

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