Eldritch Attunement

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Eldritch Attunement

Eldritch Attunement

You are so in tune with the Eldritch World that it occasionally leaks out of you.

Breaks the Barrier between Worlds

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Effect number: 2147
Description ID: 71a7c94a0c2c70d5e834ae5d2c8ea3f2
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Obtained From


  • If this effect is active after combat, spawns a free fight with an Eldritch Tentacle, with the message: "The barrier between world[sic] is torn..."
  • Combats with Shadow Rift monsters and Eldritch Tentacles themselves will not spawn the free tentacle fight.
  • With exactly one turn of this effect remaining, this effect's duration will run out when finishing a combat that takes an Adventure, before the effect activates.