Eldritch concentrate

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eldritch concentrate
eldritch concentrate

What does the concentrated horror of a one hundred and eleven eldritch tentacles look like? This.

(Fancy Cooking ingredient)
Type: potion
Selling Price: 666 Meat.
Effect: Eldritch Concentration (50 Adventures)+5 Stats Per Fight
+5 Spooky Damage
Regenerate 5-10 MP per Adventure

(In-game plural: globes of eldritch concentrate)
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Item number: 9191
Description ID: 712115476
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Asterisk.gif 111 eldritch effluvia
Equals.gif eldritch concentrate

When Used

You smash the concentrate on your head and embrace the horror.
Glassglobe.gifYou acquire an effect: Eldritch Concentration
(duration: 50 Adventures)



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