Eldritch elixir

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eldritch elixir
eldritch elixir

This vintage brings a delightful nose with aspects of terror and pain. The flavor includes notes of ichor and horror with a subtle hint of dread. The finish leaves the consumer with a feeling that worst is over, but that the best days of life are long past.

Suggested pairings: Lobster, irony, books by David Foster Wallace.

Type: booze (awesome)
Potency: 3
Level required: 12
Selling Price: 666 Meat.
Effect: Eldritch Attunement (5 Adventures)Breaks the Barrier between Worlds

(In-game plural: eldritch elixirs)
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Item number: 9199
Description ID: 326528460
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Asterisk.gif 37 eldritch effluvia   37 eldritch effluvia  
Ezcook.gif eldritch extract handful of fire eldritch extract handful of fire
Fruitym.gif eldritch distillate eldritch distillate
Equals.gif eldritch elixir

When Consumed

Quaffing this beverage, you find your self[sic] questioning all the choices that led to today. Also, you're not sure you can speak any more, like some sort of Endless Joke.
AdventuresYou gain 9-11 Adventures.
You gain 666 Strongness.
You gain 666 Enchantedness.
You gain 666 Roguishness.
Eldeffluv.gifYou acquire an effect: Eldritch Attunement
(duration: 5 Adventures)
Glassglobe.gifYou acquire an effect: Eldritch Concentration
(duration: 30 Adventures)
You gain 3 Drunkenness.


  • Mixing the elixir requires the Eldritch Intellect skill. Otherwise, you receive the message "You don't have the skill necessary to make this item."


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