Eldritch essence

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eldritch essence
eldritch essence

Imagine that millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. Then imagine that the psychic terror of that event was captured a funneled into your pocket. This thing is what you imagine you would then find in your pocket. Basically, psychic terror lint.

Type: spleen item (crappy)
Toxicity: 1
Level required: 4
Selling Price: 666 Meat.
Effect: Eldritch Concentration (50 Adventures)+5 Stats Per Fight
+5 Spooky Damage
Regenerate 5-10 MP per Adventure

(In-game plural: eldritch essences)
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Item number: 9195
Description ID: 377004299
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Obtained From

An Eldritch Tentacle (Occurs rarely with Eldritch Equipage equipped)


Asterisk.gif 12 bubblin' crudes 111 eldritch effluvia
Oven.gif jar of oil eldritch concentrate
Equals.gif eldritch essence

When Consumed

You consume the eldritch essence... or maybe it consumes you!
You gain 66 Strengthliness.
You gain 66 Enchantedness.
You gain 66 Chutzpah.
Glassglobe.gifYou acquire an effect: Eldritch Concentration
(duration: 50 Adventures)
(You gain 1 Spleen.)



  • "Millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced" is a line from the original Star Wars film.


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