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enchanted bean
enchanted bean

This is a bean, but it's not an ordinary bean -- it's enchanted! Of course, all of the beans in the Kingdom of Loathing are enchanted, so I guess it actually is an ordinary bean.

(Cooking ingredient)
Type: usable
Selling Price: 25 Meat.

(In-game plural: enchanted beans)
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Item number: 186
Description ID: 236089073
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Obtained From

Beanbat Chamber

When Used

You scour the Nearby Plains, but you can't find anywhere that looks like a good place to plant the bean. Perhaps you should wait until later.
  • After the Council gives you the quest:
You plant the enchanted bean in a pile of coffee grounds in the Nearby Plains. It immediately grows into an enormous beanstalk.
  • Thereafter:
There's already a beanstalk in the Nearby Plains.



  • Upon use, you gain a new accomplishment in your Quest Log: "You have planted a Beanstalk in the Nearby Plains."
  • Can also be used when clicking on A Giant Pile of Coffee Grounds in the Nearby Plains. This was added on May 14, 2011. This method can be used to circumvent the "no using items with a b" restriction from Bees Hate You – as the item has not actually been clicked on during this interaction, it is permitted by the path.


  • Naturally, the beanstalk is a reference to the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk," and how those magic beans immediately grow into a beanstalk.


Slash.gif enchanted bean | hill of beans | pile of jumping beans


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