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Type: Combat
HP Cost: 30

The best thing about being able to mentally dominate others is that it lets you get a lot more done without exerting any extra effort.

(X uses left today)

Bind an enemy to your service

Source: Torpor
Price: 20 HP
Class: Vampyre
Level: N/A
When Used:
You gaze into your foe's eyes...

When used against a boss monster:
This foe is too powerful to bend to your will.

When used against a group monster:

You can't bind more than one soul to your service at a time. That would just be greedy.


  • Can be used only three times per day.
  • Grants you the monster as an ensorcelee, and acts as a free runaway.
  • Forgetting Ensorcel means that your ensorcelee will become inactive. Upon learning Ensorcel again, your ensorcelee will return.
  • Monsters have effects that vary with their phylum, increasing in strength the stronger the monster's start-of-combat Attack value is. Abilities and effects that alter monster stats after combat has begun (such as Spot Weakness and very small red dress) do not affect the power of an ensorcel.
  • Phyla marked with "(cloake)" are confirmed to get a 25% bonus to their ensorcelee effectiveness from while the vampyric cloake is equipped. (Not all phyla have been tested.)
Type Effect Cloake? Combat Text
Beasts Increases Meat drop by Attack/2.5, minimum of +10%, maximum of +300% (750 ML) Yes <name> sniffs the ground, looking for more Meat.(+X% Meat Drops)
Bugs Increases Item drop by Attack/5, minimum of +10%, maximum of +300% (1500 ML) Yes <,name> skitters around the area, helping you find more items.(+X% Item Drops)
Constellations Attacks with Sleaze every round Yes <name> shines an embarrassing light on your enemy, dealing X damage.
Constructs Increases Damage Reduction by Attack/15, minimum of +?, maximum of +667 No  
Demons Attacks with Hot every round Yes <name> scorches your opponent for X damage.
Dudes Grants HP after combats equal to Attack/20, minimum of ?, maximum of ? Yes <name> allows you to feed on some sweet, sweet blood.
HPYou gain X hit points.
Elementals Increases Elemental Resistance by Attack/50, minimum of +1, maximum of +30 (1500 ML) No  
Elves Increases Candy drops by Attack/5, minimum of +10%, maximum of +300% (1500 ML) Yes <name>, eyes burning with insatiable hunger, looks around for candy.(+X% Candy Drops)
Fish Attacks with Stench every round Yes <name> stinks in the general direction of your foe, dealing X damage.
Goblins The first attack against you will always miss No <name> leaps in front of your opponent, stopping him from attacking you.
Hippies Grants Mysticality substats after combats, based on Attack/?, minimum of 1, maximum of 6 No <name> gives you some weird hippy advice from beyond the grave.
You gain X Wizardliness.
Hobos Attacks with Stench every round ? <name> belches in your foe's face, dealing X damage.
Horrors Attacks with Spooky every round ? <name> horrifies your foe, dealing X damage.
Humanoids Attacks with physical damage every round ? <name> clobbers your foe, dealing X damage.
Mer-kin Attacks with Sleaze every round ? <name> tail-slaps your opponent, dealing X damage.
Orcs Grants Muscle substats after combats ? <name> forces you to lift some weights with him.
You gain X Fortitude.
Penguins Attacks with Cold every round Yes <name> clobbers your foe with a frigid wing, dealing X damage.
Pirates Grants Moxie substats after combats ? <name> tells you some dirty jokes he remembers from when he was still alive.
You gain X Smarm.
Plants Increases Monster Level by Attack/10 (rounded up), minimum of +1, maximum of 1001 No
Slimes Increases Combat Initiative by Attack/2.5, minimum of +?, maximum of +4004% No
Undead Delevels monsters at the start of combat by (Attack/10)% of the monster's stats Yes <name> scares the dickens out of your foe.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by X
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by X
Weird Attacks with Prismatic Damage every round Yes <name> does... something... dealing X (X) (X) (X) (X) damage.


  • Until December 15th 2023, the Plant ML bonus was uncapped, which led to a series of 2-turn Slime Tube runs.