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This is the most powerful alcoholic beverage you've ever seen. You're a drinker -- a real pro -- but this thing, it's beyond you.

You know who would like it? Those guys at Spring Break Beach. In fact, they'd probably like it so much that they would drink it, and be so blown away by it that it would completely erase their memories, and they would forget about all of the quests you did for them, and you'd be able to do all of those quests again.

That's what you think would happen, based on this drink.

Give it to Buff Jimmy

You head over to the souvenir shop and place the drink on the boardwalk beneath Buff Jimmy's hammock.

Give it to Taco Dan

You head over to the taco stand and leave the drink sitting on the counter.

Give it to Broden

You sneak up to the Frozen Brogurt stand and surreptitiously pour the drink into one of Broden's employee brogurt cups.

Give it some time

You decide to save it for a special occasion.

Occurs when using an Ultimate Mind Destroyer.


  • Choosing one of the first three options will reset the quest status of the person you give it to, and use up the item.
  • Choosing the last option does nothing, and keeps the item.