Essential cameraderie

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essential cameraderie
essential cameraderie

This is a physical representation of the lofty ideal of beings of two different species working together as one flawless, abundantly productive unit.

Ask your mom, by the way, about my flawless, abundantly productive unit.

Type: potion
Effect: 2 Hearts, 1 Mind (50 Adventures)+3 Stats Per Fight
+3 Familiar Experience Per Combat

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: units of essential cameraderie)
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Item number: 4611
Description ID: 876002516
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Obtained From

The Electric Lemonade Acid Parade
Essence of Interspecies Respect

When Used

You ingest the essential cameraderie. You see now that you and your familiars are really just parts of one intelligence beyond human or animal understanding. Or some hippy crap like that.
2hearts.gifYou acquire an effect: 2 Hearts, 1 Mind
(duration: 50 Adventures)


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