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Item pages should be formatted as such, containing the following elements as needed, IN THE ORDER SHOWN HERE:

New Items

In addition to creating a new page for a new item as detailed below, new items need to be set up in a number of other places. All new items need to go in Items by number, Items by Name and Items by Autosell Price. Depending on the item type, there are a variety of other pages that need to be updated (see the Item Types page for details). Enchanted equipment needs to be added to the appropriate Game Mechanics pages. Changes to existing items, especially name changes, need to be made to all the above pages as well.

The Basic Item Entry

The entire item description page can be formatted, as visible in the game, using the template {{item}} and a corresponding item metadata page (accessible by clicking on the "Create metadata" link on a new item on the wiki, or the "View metadata" link for an item that already has metadata).

itemid=item number|
descid=description id|
desc=in-game description|
other option=value|

Item IDs or numbers can be found by following the methods listed on Items by number.

Description IDs or "descid"s are the hashcode that Kingdom of Loathing uses to show item descriptions. This will be the code at the end of the URL for a description page. Just copy the string that appears in place of the "X" in the following line "desc_item.php?whichitem=X".

Item descriptions are to be typed out fully, formatted in the same way as they appear in-game, in the desc field

desc=This is a lime. Unlike a lemon, it's a lime.|

Items can have numerous special properties, which can be specified by adding the following fields in place of the "other option=value|" in the template. All of these are optional.

Equipment properties can be specified using the following fields:

  • type=type for items with a "Type: " line, like pants, food, etc.
    • consume=n Optional parameter to dictate if the item is be categorized as if it were a consumable item. Set to 'n' to prevent such categorizations. This is primarily useful for preventing usable items such as the dolphin whistle from appearing in the spleen by level category
    • familiar= Parameter for items which are familiar equipment for naming on which familiars it can be put on
  • quality=quality for food/booze quality (crappy, decent, good, awesome, EPIC; use ! for none)
  • alsocombat=1 For items with the parenthetical "(can also be used in combat)" in their description.
  • power=power for weapons and armor
    • You can also add powertype=type to change what type of power, like "Damage Reduction" for shields
  • stat=Muscle, Mysticality or Moxie which is the type of the stat requirement listed below
  • statreq=stat requirement as a number for equipment
  • level=level for food/beverage/booze/spleen items (specify '1' if there is no level requirement visible)
  • effect=effect indication for potions. For potions that do not list an effect in their description (such as vial of blue slime), use effect=!.
    • duration=effect duration for potions, if applicable.
  • outfit=outfit name for equipment in outfits
  • notrade=1 for untradable items
  • cost=value for automatically-consumed-upon-purchase-only items
  • autosell=value for autosellable items
    • autosell=0 for items that cannot be discarded
  • quest=1 for quest items
  • gift=1 for gift items
  • enchantment=enchantment for enchanted equipment
  • mpreduce=1 for items that reduce MP cost of skills.
  • nohardcore=1 for items that cannot be equipped in Hardcore.
  • spelltype=classes for items which only affect spells for specific classes.
  • limit=1 for items that you can only equip one at a time
  • class=class abbreviation for items that can only be used by a particular class.
    • pm=Pastamancers
    • s=Saucerors
    • db=Disco Bandits
    • at=Accordion Thieves
    • sc=Seal Clubbers
    • tt=Turtle Tamers
  • enchclass=class abbreviation for equipment whose enchantments only apply to those of a specific class
    • pm=Pastamancers
    • s=Saucerors
    • db=Disco Bandits
    • at=Accordion Thieves
    • sc=Seal Clubbers
    • tt=Turtle Tamers
  • hagnk=1 for items that can be pulled from Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage during Hardcore or Ronin without counting as an item pull
  • haiku=1 for items whose name and description are shown as a haiku
  • autocat=no to prevent this template from performing various automatic categorizations, such as for examples. This may not prevent other templates used within this one (such as {{Item/plural}}) from categorizing the page, however.
  • grantskill=1 for those skills that indicate that they grant a skill in their description, such as Rainbow's Gravity, and unlike Manual of Transcendent Olfaction. If the skill can only be used by a specific class, pass in the class abbreviation (as above) instead of 1 for this value.
  • lounge=1 for items that add a furnishing to the Clan VIP Lounge when used, such as the Clan pool table.
  • note1=note for adding a note to the description which isn't handled by one of the previous parameters. Template will automatically put "NOTE: " before the passed-in value.
  • note2=note, same as note1
  • anote=note for adding a note to the description with a single asterisk * before the passed-in value.
  • bluenote=note for items with a bold, blue, left-justified note in their description, such as the Clan VIP Lounge key. This will not add any extra text to the value passed in.



Note: The rest of our lime example is hypothetical, and does not reflect the true nature of the lime.

An item's enchantment, if it has one, can be specified using the enchantment field.

enchantment=Weapon Damage +5|

If the item gives an effect, create a link to the effect's page.

enchantment=Intrinsic Effect: [[Limey Accent]]|

If the item gives element damage, then use the element template (element must be capitalized)

enchantment=+5 {{element|Stench}}|

Putting everything together, the Basic Item Entry looks like the following:

desc=This is a lime. Unlike a lemon, it's a lime.|
enchantment=So-So Scurvy Resistance<br />+1 {{element|Stench}}|

which yields:

Unknown item name
Unknown item name

This is a lime. Unlike a lemon, it's a lime.

(Cooking ingredient)
(Cocktailcrafting ingredient)
Type: food (decent)
Level required: 2
Selling Price: 60 Meat.

So-So Scurvy Resistance
+1 Stench Damage

(Error - In-game plural not defined in metadata - please add it here.)

To simplify automated maintenance, ensure that each parameter is on its own line, the separator (|) is at the end of the line, and there is no whitespace at the beginning or end of the line.

Other Information

We now move away from the copy of the Kingdom's item description. The following elements should be in the order described below:

Obtained From

The Obtained From section should list the various areas and ways that an item can be acquired.

List the locations that it drops from first. Italicize the title if it's a non-combat adventure. If the drop has any special requirements, list them as well.

Following that, list if it's obtainable from an item, with a note on how many can be given.

Finally, list any of the shops that the item may be obtainable from and the price it sells for.

If an item can no longer be obtained by a certain method, mark it as an obsoleted method and separate it from the current obtain methods.

==Obtained From==
;[[Degrassi Knoll]]
:''[[Gnollish Workshop]]''
;[[Dwarven Factory Warehouse]]
:[[gnefarious gnome]]
:[[Gnomester Blomester]]
;[[The Heap]]
:[[I Refuse!]]
:[[Gr'zl'x, The Bugbear]] (Occurs with the [[Bugbear Costume]] equipped)
:[[Gnollish toolbox]] (0-3)
:[[Gnomish toolbox]] (0-3)
:[[The Degrassi Knoll Bakery and Hardware Store]] (20 Meat)



{| class="recipe"
|- class="row1"
! {{smith}}
| [[sturdy sword hilt]]
| [[dense meat stack]]
! {{cook}}
| [[spices]]
| [[herbs]]
! &nbsp;
|- class="row2"
! {{smith}}
| colspan="2" | [[dense meat sword]]
| colspan="3" | [[secret blend of herbs and spices]]
! &nbsp;
|- class="row3"
! {{smith}}
| colspan="5" | [[Kentucky-fried meat sword]]
| [[hot wing]]
|- class="row4"
! {{equals}}
| colspan="6" | [[buffalo blade]]


To enter nifty icons into a recipe, use these templates:

Basic Recipe Types
{{cocktail}} Shaker.gif
{{combine}} Wad.gif
{{cook}} Ezcook.gif
{{jewelry}} Pliers.gif
{{smith}} Hammer.gif
{{Grimacite smith}} Grimhammer.gif
Special skills
{{advcocktail}} Discomask.gif
{{SalCocktail}} Saltshaker.gif
{{armorcraft}} Hatpants.gif
{{expensivejewelry}} Xpliers.gif
{{improve}} Still sm.gif
{{kick}} Wok sm.gif
{{pasta}} Bowl.gif
{{sauce}} Lovepotion.gif
{{shcocktail}} Fruitym.gif
{{smash}} Malus sm.gif
{{supersmith}} Club.gif
{{wayofSauce}} Potion9.gif
{{deepsaucery}} Potion10.gif
{{tempura}} Batter2.gif
{{add}} Plus.gif
{{BRICKO}} Brickobrick.gif
{{equals}} Equals.gif
{{assimilator}} Crimborg2-30px.gif
{{Crimborg Toymaker}} Dollhive.gif
{{multiuse}} Asterisk.gif
{{Junk Magazine}} Junkmag.gif
{{pixel}} Pixel3.gif
{{Spooky Toymaker}} Crimboweentruck-30px.gif
{{spore}} Mushsprout.gif
{{starcombo}} Starchart.gif
{{staffcrafting}} Chefstaff8.gif
{{supertinker}} Flange.gif
{{toolmaker}} Crimbo Rock-30px.gif
{{toymaker}} Uncle-30px.gif
{{untinker}} Screwdrive.gif
{{weave}} Palmfrond.gif
  • Note that you only insert crafting icons within the table in cases where multiple crafting skills are being utilized within the same row. If all combinations within a row use the same skill, placing the icon on the far left is sufficient.
  • Also keep in mind that on an actual item page, the item itself will not be a link; rather, the bracketing will serve to bold the name of the item within the recipe table.

When Consumed/Used

  • For food and booze, use the header "When Consumed", for usable items, use "When Used".
  • For food, do NOT record adventure gains if you are currently under The Opossum zodiac sign or have recently consumed milk of magnesium or a munchies pill.
  • For booze, do NOT record adventure gains if you are currently under The Blender zodiac sign or are listening to Ode to Booze. Be aware that wearing a tuxedo shirt may also affect booze adventure gains.
  • During stat days, do NOT record stat gains for the stat being boosted on that day (that is, during Moxie days, do not record values for Moxie substat gains).
  • All item usage texts should be formatted using the {{useitem}} template.
    • To simplify automated maintenance, ensure that each parameter is on its own line, the separator (|) is at the end of the line, and there is no whitespace at the beginning or end of the line. If the item consumes fullness, drunkenness, or spleen, ensure that the "type" and "limiter" parameters are at the very end.
==When Consumed==
text=You eat the lime. Limetastic!|
mys=lose 1-5|
mox=gain 5-15|


When Consumed
You eat the lime. Limetastic!
AdventuresYou gain 2-5 Adventures.
You lose 1-5 Wizardliness.
You gain 5-15 Cheek.
(You gain 2 Fullness.)
  • For booze, simply change the type from "food" to "booze".
text=You drink the lime. How'd you do that?|
mus=gain 15-20|


You drink the lime. How'd you do that?
AdventuresYou gain 3 Adventures.
You gain 15-20 Beefiness.
You gain 3 Drunkenness.

Usable items may require more formatting. If an item is usable both from your inventory and during combat, specify where it's being used from by putting down a (non-centered) bullet and use location, followed by a colon. Then, use {{useitem}} to show all text and effects of the use, as it appears in the Kingdom.

==When Used==
*From inventory:
text=You use the lime, and it goths you up!|
*In combat:
text=The lime limes your opponent for 83 {{element|Lime|damage}}|


When Used
  • From inventory:
You use the lime, and it goths you up!
Gothy.gifYou acquire an effect: Gothy
(duration: 4 Adventures)
  • In combat:
The lime limes your opponent for 83 Lime damage

For familiars, simply set the type to "familiar" and fill in the text appropriately.

text=It begins to pace back and forth menacingly.|


You put the Established Standards/Item Pages(?) in your Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium.

It begins to pace back and forth menacingly.
You decide to name him Tullace.

Note: For elemental damage, use the template {{element}} to format it properly.


This section differs from the When Used section. It is just a list of links to items that are created with the lime as an ingredient. This is not recursive though; only list items whose creation directly include this item, not items created beyond that.

*[[Boris's key lime pie]]
*[[Jarlsberg's key lime pie]]
*[[Sneaky pete's key lime pie]]


Always put a bullet, and always [[link]] the item.


The messages section applies to weapons which have hit messages specific to that weapon only. Hit messages which occur for all weapons of the same category are collected on the category page (compare black sword and the swords category).

*''[[Player Hit Messages|Weapon-Specific Hit Messages]]'':
{{Hit Message|You bonk <it> for X damage.}}
{{Hit Message|You bop <it> for X damage.}}


You bonk <it> for X damage. BAM! ZOT! POW!
You bop <it> for X damage. ZAP! WHACK! BOOF!

Pronouns and specific damage amounts should be replaced with generic values as illustrated above. New messages should also be added to Player Hit Messages.


The notes section contains any information that doesn't fit into any of the above sections.

*This lime variant does not exist.


  • This lime variant does not exist.

Once again, always use a bullet, as more information may be added.


The history section is used for notes that deal with the item in the past, obsolete notes, and other changes. History sections are generally only added if there is more than one bullet point, or the change is large.

*Prior to June 15, 1215, when the Magna Carta item was introduced, limes were not entitled to a jury of their peers.


  • Prior to June 15, 1215, when the Magna Carta item was introduced, limes were not entitled to a jury of their peers.

Once again, always use a bullet, as more information may be added.


  • A reference is incomplete unless it explains how it is a reference. Always explain your reference and add links for more information. If a song lyric is referenced, include the lyric. If a movie referenced, briefly describe the situation in the movie, etc. If a band/movie/album/game/book is mentioned in the reference, link it up, preferably to Wikipedia. An unexplained and unlinked reference is useless to anyone but the author.
  • Mention where the reference is located on the page, such as the item description, message when consumed, attack message, etc.
  • Write references in complete sentences, using proper capitalization! Do not always say "is a reference to" or "refers to", for it gets repetitive. Feel free to mix it up using things like "is from", "alludes to", "is an allusion to", "is a play on", or some other synonym.
  • Always start a reference with a bullet, as more references may be added. Italicize the names of movies, books, poems, albums, and video games. Some of these would be underlined, but web links may be underlined, so it'd be moot. Song titles, lyrics, and quotes should be enclosed in quotes. Song lyrics and poem excerpts should have their lines separated by /s, such as "The farmer in the dell / The farmer in the dell / Hi-ho, the derry-o / The farmer in the dell". If the selection needs to be uncommonly long, it can be enclosed in <blockquote></blockquote>, but this should not be used often.
  • Note that KoL is not the only source of pop-culture reference in the world. Make certain that, when citing a reference, you are citing the original source, and not something else that happens to also make a reference to the same thing. For example, if KoL quotes the television show "Sanford & Son", and the movie "Shrek" uses the same "Sanford & Son" quote, it would be incorrect to list "Shrek" as a reference (without some seriously iron-clad corroborating evidence).
  • References are almost always definite and unmistakable. "X kind of reminds me of Y" does not a reference make. To clarify: if your Reference statement includes the phrase "This might be a reference to..." or "This is likely a reference to...", STOP - chances are, it isn't.
*In the item description, "watch out Manitoba!" alludes to
 the 2010 movie ''[[Wikipedia:Lime|Attack of the Limes!]]'', in which
 a giant radioactive lime annihilates the whole Canadian province of


  • In the item description, "watch out Manitoba!" alludes to the 2010 movie Attack of the Limes!, in which a giant radioactive lime annihilates the whole Canadian province of Manitoba.

Try to link properly using Wikipedia links just as above. A list of other useful interwiki prefixes can be found here.

See Also

This section contains any links within the wiki that relate directly to the item, but don't fall into one of the above categories.

The See Also section should include a link to all relevant Game Mechanics pages (alphabetized, of course). For example:

When adding these links, it'd be nice if the item were added to the corresponding lists in addition to items by name, number, and autosell price.

==See Also==


See Also

As with almost every other section, use a bullet.


{{ZAP lime}}


Just include the item's zapping template, if applicable. It should already exist in the [[Category:Zap Group Templates]]. If it doesn't, make it, rather than filling in the generic template.


Custom items and Quest items do not get this section.




"333" does not have an RSS file (yet?) for the collection database.

Navigational Templates

Any navigational templates that are not within their own section (such as zapping), should be included beneath the collection information with two lines of blank space separating them in the code.

{{Ultra rares}}



Any categorization of the item pages should occur at the bottom of the wiki code, below the navigational templates. Each categorization should be on a separate line. Please note that a number of formerly used categories have been discontinued and should not be used. These include Drops, NPC Buy, and more. If a category doesn't exist, then don't use it.


For items that start with "the", do this:

[[Category:Food|lime, the]]
[[Category:Accordions|lime, the]]
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