Exposure Esplanade

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Exposure Esplanade
Zone Num 169
Location Hobopolis
Unlocks 500 Normal Hobos killed
Recom Stat 350
Combat % 95
ML 350
Terrain underground
Special Adventures
Lucky Cold Comfort
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Exposure Esplanade is the cold zone in Hobopolis. When hobos in this area get damaged, the adventurer may be stabbed by falling icicles. A primary stat of 350 is suggested. If your main stat isn't high enough, you'll see the following message:

A hobo in a sealskin parka throws a snowball at you. It hits the picket fence next to you and splits open, revealing it's full of razor-sharp icicles. Are you sure you can handle these guys?
(It is recommended that you have at least 350 <mainstat> to adventure here.)

Combat Adventures

Cold hobo This monster is a Hobo -- (edit metadata)

Frosty This monster is an Elemental -- (edit metadata)

Non-combat Adventures

The Frigid Air
The Frigid Air
  • Pry open the freezer: Acquire frozen banquet
  • Pry open the fridge: Deposit 8,000-12,000 Meat in Clan Coffer
  • Pry yourself away from the situation: Skip adventure
  • Note: The fridge and freezer can be raided a total of five times per Hobopolis instance. After that, this adventure will no longer occur during the current instance.

Piping Cold
Piping Cold
  • Turn the first valve: Redirect cold water to Burnbarrel Blvd.
  • Turn the second valve: Redirect cold water to the PLD
  • Go all CLUE on the third pipe: Create more icicles

There Goes Fritz!
There Goes Fritz!
  • Yodel a little: Knock loose some icicles
  • Yodel a lot: Knock loose more icicles
  • Yodel your heart out: Knock loose even more icicles
  • Note: A superlikely adventure. Seems to appear at a rate of 5%.

11leafclover.gif Cold Comfort
Cold Comfort
  • Buy some soup (5 nickels): Trade 5 hobo nickels for a bowl of fishysoisse
  • I’ll have the salad. I mean, I’ll leave.: Skip adventure
  • Note: This adventure is triggered whenever you adventure here while feeling Lucky!.

Bumpity Bump Bump
Bumpity Bump Bump
  • Rehat him: Fight Frosty
  • Retreat: Skip adventure
  • Note: Only occurs after clearing Exposure Esplanade of hobos.

Snow, Man
  • Note: Occurs if another clanmate is already fighting Frosty.


  • 49-51 hobo kills are needed to advance each image file, depending on the total number of hobos in the zone.
  • The zone has a hidden number of icicles that governs hobos' special attack and the results of yodeling in There Goes Fritz!. Approximately spaded numbers indicate that:
    • The zone begins with 1000 icicles.
    • Successfully breaking the pipe in Piping Cold adds 10 icicles.
    • When a cold hobo cries out, it dislodges an icicle with probability 1 - icicles / 1000. Dislodging removes 1 icicle.
    • Yodeling a little kills hobos equal to 1% of the icicle count and removes 5% of icicles.
    • Yodeling your heart out kills hobos equal to 9% of the icicle count and removes 30% of icicles.
  • Frosty will only appear when the location's image is on its 10th variation. After defeating Frosty this area can no longer be explored.
  • Attempting to adventure here after Frosty has been defeated yields the message:
There's nothing left in Exposure Esplanade. All of the snow forts have been crushed or melted, all of the igloos are vacant, and all of the reindeer are off playing games somewhere else.
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