Extract Oil

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Extract Oil

Extract Oil

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 10

Just because you primarily oil snakes doesn't mean you can't oil other things, too. Hell, you can oil just about anything!

Extract useful oils from enemies

Source: Book of the West: Snake Oiling
Price: N/A
Class: Snake Oiler
Level: N/A
When Used:
On success:

You plunge your trusty oil extractor into your opponent and pull the plunger. He is not happy about this, and comes after you with renewed vigor.

On failure:

Your oil extractor is X% clogged up, and you don't manage to get a usable quantity out. The attempt is still very upsetting to your opponent.

With a fully clogged extractor:

Your oil extractor is completely clogged up at this point. All you do is make him mad.
Potion20.gifYou acquire an item: skin oil
Lightvial.gifYou acquire an item: unusual oil
Darkvial.gifYou acquire an item: eldritch oil
  • Against Snakes, regardless of their phylum:
Potion15.gifYou acquire an item: snake oil


  • After you have extracted 5 oils, every subsequent extraction will clog the extractor by 10%.
    • Once the extractor is 100% clogged, you cannot extract any more oils.
    • The clogging resets at rollover, so the limit for the number of oils you can extract per day is 15.
  • Clogging results in a chance to fail when attempting to extract (equal to the clog percent?). Failures do not further increase the clogging percentage.
  • Regardless of success or failure, each use of this skill provokes the monster to land a hit on you, even if they would not normally hit, similar to rock band flyers or jam band flyers.
  • You can extract multiple oils from the same monster.

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