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facsimile dictionary
facsimile dictionary

This is a regular old dictionary, copied from the one you used to have by the scribes of the Baron Rof L'm Fao. It contains a lot of words, their definitions, and their proper pronunciations.

(Meatsmithing component)
Type: combat item (reusable)
Selling Price: 21337 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Most Enemies Don't Care About It

(In-game plural: facsimile dictionaries)
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Item number: 1316
Description ID: 347944209
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Obtained From

A Quest, LOL

When Used

You begin to read from the dictionary.

Your opponent writhes in pain, suffering 30-60 points of spelling damage.

  • Against all other monsters:
You begin to read from the dictionary.

Your opponent is nonplussed.



  • When first implemented, this item was simply named "dictionary", differing from the real dictionary only by having an autosell price, being a Meatsmithing component, and not being a Quest item. The resulting confusion eventually led Jick to change the item, on March 20, 2006, to its present form.
  • The selling price is "too leet" spelled out in numbers. This price may also mean slightly (or significantly) less than elite (31337).
  • Became an untradable item when NS13 was rolled out.
  • This item is tied for the highest autosell price (see Items by autosell price). A strategy can be to not sell the dictionary, pull it from Hagnk's after ascending and get 21337 Meat for the price of a 1000-Meat pull.

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