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Fall of the Dinosaurs is the Fall 2022 special challenge path, introduced on August 15th, 2022. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "There's been a theme park accident, and dinosaurs have eaten all of the monsters in the Kingdom!"


  • You cannot enter The Sea:
    That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.


  • These are named "<dinosaur species> that <consumed> a <monster name>."
  • This includes fights from any locations and sources, e.g. A Maze of Sewer Tunnels, Reminiscing About Those Monsters You Fought or The Naughty Sorceress' Tower.
  • There are 9 types of dinosaurs with different stats and special properties, and a type that is chosen for a given combat is perceived to be random.
  • Because dinosaurs are "fake monsters" and are effectively very sophisticated Monster Modifiers, combat properties such as monster drops are sourced from the original monster rather than the dinosaur that ate it. Additionally, monster-specific interactions with skills and combat items remain as normal. Others, like monster stats, are adjusted by the specific dino type.
  • Most of the bosses are instead replaced by unique boss dinosaurs.

Dino World


  • Dinosaurs have a hidden mechanic known as 'Dinodifficulty', which modifies their abilities. Dinodifficulty is equal to the Attack of the eaten monster ÷ 1.8 (this uses the same original Attack value that Monster Manuel quest log reports). Scaling Monsters have a Dinodifficulty of 0.
Dinosaur Traits Locations Game Warden trophy
primitive chicken Has 1 in all stats, regardless of +ML (unless it scales to your stats)
Can be forced by birdseed hat
Does not drop any meat
All Feather.gif pristine dinosaur feather
glass-shelled archelon Reflects spell damage All Spine.gif nasty dinosaur spike
ghostasaurus Only takes 1 damage from physical sources and gains (90 or Dinodifficulty)% elemental resistance, whichever is higher Indoor and underground only Doesn't give anything
(element) flatusaurus Deals increasingly-large amounts of the related element damage, which can be stopped with flatusaur gasmask
Has 5x the HP of the eaten monster
2x the eaten monster's base Meat drop
All, elemental monsters only Wlleather.gif thick dinosaur leather
spikolodon Does stinging damage on melee attacks
Gives +50% item drops from the monster.
All Spine.gif nasty dinosaur spike
high-altitude pterodactyl Attacks with a weapon always fail
Has 10x the Defense of the eaten monster
Gives +100% item drops from the monster
Can be killed with a skill from pterodactyl rifle
Outdoors only Feather.gif pristine dinosaur feather
supersonic velociraptor Runs away on its first combat action, making you "win" the combat but gives no stats or regular drops (post-combat conditional drops like the blasting soda will still drop)
Gives +200% item drops from the monster if killed before it can escape
All Scale3.gif shiny dinosaur scale
kachungasaur 3x the eaten monster's base Meat drop All Wlleather.gif thick dinosaur leather
(element) dilophosaur Its elemental attacks will always hit, damage calculated based on Dinodifficulty.
2x the eaten monster's base Meat drop
All, elemental monsters only Scale3.gif shiny dinosaur scale
  • Flatusauruses and dilophosaurs can only consume elementally-aligned monsters (although other dinos can replace them too), including bad spelling ones.
  • In addition to the chicken-specific birdseed hat, dinosaur repellent banishes a specific dino type until the end of the day (or until another is banished) and dinosaur pheromone kit attracts one for 19 adventures.
  • Dinosaurs are wishable and have their own factoids (you cannot get these factoids from fighting dinos in the challenge path the normal way). The dinosaur you fight will have an empty stomach.
  • Additionally, Dinodifficulty confers stun resistance:
Dinodifficulty Base monster Attack Stun resistance
40 72 50%
60 108 75%
80 144 100% + stagger immune


Lesser bosses are eaten by random normal dinosaurs, other Uncopyable monsters cannot be eaten by supersonic velociraptors.

You do not get mind control drops, except for Baron von Ratsworth, who does not receive an on-theme replacement.



  • Additional caution is needed when using autoattack macros or scripts, as any monster can be replaced by a dinosaur that reflects spells, is immune to weapon attacks or is immune to physical damage.
  • While the combat is harder, especially with the awkward dinosaur research harness‎‎ equipped, Dino DNAde™ can provide a large buff to stats for a low price (one finished quest can buy 300 turns worth of it).
  • You can also banish a dinosaur type you have problems with, and in the worst case you can always fight chickens using the birdseed hat at the cost of lower experience gain.
  • A safe and reasonable way of dealing with most dinosaur types is by using an attack familiar, as this bypasses things like forced misses by the high-altitude pterodactyl or reflection damage from a spikolodon or glass-shelled archelon. Familiars with multiple elemental damage types are highly recommended. You may also find a use for permed skills that give non-spell forms of elemental damage such as Spectral Snapper, in case of physical-immune monsters (e.g. the level 11 protector spectres) being eaten by a glass-shelled archelon, which would reflect your spells.
  • Levelling can be harder due to the decreased stat gain from monsters. Consider using edibles instead -- for example, dieting pill + Ready to Eat + guilty sprout gives ~2500 to all stats for 2 fullness.

Specific quests

Shopping and Souveniers

  • There are 3 ways to get Dinodollars that you may want to save for a stuffed dinosaur and/or spend on useful in-run items:
    • Adventuring in specific locations for The Owner‎‎. This looks like a very bad idea for a speedrun as most of the locations aren't useful otherwise, similarly to getting skills on a Journeyman run, and you cannot even choose or reroll the location. (However, see below.)
    • Wearing an awkward dinosaur research harness during fights for The Chaosthetician. This is simple and even provides +10 to Monster Level in a back slot, but makes fights harder and, as an additional problem, makes velociraptors more likely to run away due to the significant init penalty. Note that it requires manual unloading of research points every time it's full.
    • Passively collecting trophies for The Game Warden. This doesn't require anything but the progress can be blocked if you don't have enough trophies of a certain type.
  • Some spending tips:

IotM Seeds, Strategy and Synergy



See The Council of Loathing/Fall of the Dinosaurs


  • Finishing a Fall of the Dinosaurs run while it is the current special challenge path -- between August 15th, 2022, (and November 14, 2022) -- gives players 50 (in Normal) or 100 (in Hardcore) extra karma points the next time they visit Valhalla.
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold mosquito-in-amber statuette upon defeating the Naughty Saursaurus.
  • Players in Hardcore gain the stainless steel equipment for their class.


  • Basically everything in this path is some kind of reference to the classic American science fiction media franchise known as Jurassic Park. See the individual pages for details.
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