Fallout Shelter Electronics Supply

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Secrobot.gif The automated sales-bot behind the counter regards you... well, not at all, actually. You're not even sure it's powered on until you see it yawn.

Why would they even give a robot the ability to yawn?

Item: (click for description) Price:
Record.gif Power-Guy 2000 holo-record Meat.gif 300
Record.gif Shrieking Weasel holo-record Meat.gif 300
Record.gif Superdrifter holo-record Meat.gif 300
Wristboy.gif Wrist-Boy Meat.gif 5,000
If you have a Trick-or-Treating Tot, the following are added:
Totstume7.gif li'l robot costume Meat.gif 1,000
Totstume1.gif li'l knight costume Meat.gif 1,000

Occurs on level 4 of Your Fallout Shelter in the Nuclear Autumn path.


  • This level is unlocked prior to freeing the king and ascending.
  • The Wrist-Boy is available only once.