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Familiar Equipment is like ordinary equipment, but for your familiar.

Your familiar can carry one piece of equipment at a time, and will keep this even when placed back in its terrarium. Most familiar equipment can be equipped by only a single familiar, but a few pieces of equipment can be equipped by almost all familiars (the exceptions being the Comma Chameleon, the Mad Hatrack and the Disembodied Hand). Most of the familiar-specific equipment adds the equivalent of five pounds to your familiar's weight, but some have different effects.

Several familiars have no native equipment but can use multiple items. The Mad Hatrack wears hats from your inventory. The Disembodied Hands can equip any one-handed weapon to attack enemies and grant the weapon's enchantment to the player. The Left-Hand Man can equip any off-hand item from your inventory. The Comma Chameleon can emulate most familiars by eating (a destructive process) any familiar-specific equipment. The chameleon effect of the meal lasts for around 45 turns, and it always gets a weight bonus of +5. For these familiars, check out their pages for more information.

Most of the equipment specific to a single familiar is available only as a prize from the Cake-Shaped Arena, by using a Box of Familiar Jacks, or by eating a diabolic pizza (with a toy surprise). Other items can be obtained as noted.

Familiar Equipment Chars (incl. space) Notes
All amulet coin 11
All anniversary tiny latex mask 27
All annoying pitchfork 18
All ant hoe 7
All ant pick 8
All ant pitchfork 13
All ant rake 8
All ant sickle 10
All astral pet sweater 18
All chocolate-stained collar 24
All das boot 8
All filthy child leash 18
All, but only useful with Water-breathing familiars fishy wand 10 In combat, can sometimes:
All flaming familiar doppelgänger 29
All fuzzy polar bear ears 21
All guard turtle collar 19 +10 to Familiar Damage
All ittah bittah hookah 19
All kill screen 11
All lead necklace 13
All Li'l Businessman Kit 20
All little bitty bathysphere 24
All little box of fireworks 23
All Loathing Legion helicopter 26
All luck incense 12
All lucky Tam O'Shanter 19
All lucky Tam O'Shatner 19
All Mayflower bouquet 17
All miniature antlers 17
All miniature crystal ball 22
All miniature goose mask 20
All miniature gravy-covered maypole 31
All miniature life preserver 24 Helps your familiar deal with all this rain (relevant during the Heavy Rains challenge path)
All moveable feast 14
  • Mr. Store IotM
  • +5 to Familiar Weight
  • Can add 10 weight to five different familiars once per day
  • Familiar gains additional attacks
All muscle band 11
  • The familiar equipment of a Bowlet, it can be equipped on any familiar
  • +10 to Familiar Weight
  • Increases familiar damage
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day
All origami "gentlemen's" magazine 30
All oversized fish scaler 21
All Panda outfit 12
All Petite Paintbrush 17
  • Item given to 2015 Calendar artists
  • +1 Adventure(s) per day when equipped
All plastic pumpkin bucket 22
All rat head balloon 16
All razor fang 10
  • The familiar equipment of a Stooper, it can be equipped on any familiar
  • +10 to Familiar Weight
  • Your familiar will sometimes interrupt enemy attacks
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day
All shell bell 10
  • The familiar equipment of a Unspeakachu, it can be equipped on any familiar
  • +10 to Familiar Weight
  • Heals you when your familiar deals damage
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day
All smoke ball 10
  • The familiar equipment of a Disgeist, it can be equipped on any familiar
  • +10 to Familiar Weight
  • Running away is always successful, and gives stats based on the enemy
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day
All Snow Suit 9
  • Mr. Store IotM
  • +X to Familiar Weight
  • Lets Your Familiar Do Various Tricks
All solid shifting time weirdness 29
  • +4 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.

+4 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.

All sugar shield 12
All tiny costume wardrobe 21
All tiny fly glasses 16
  • +1 Familiar Experience Per Combat
All tiny glowing red nose 21
All Tiny bowler 11
  • Lets your familiar bowl
All Toddler-sized Dragon Costume 28
All vicious spiked collar 21
  • Available from the Arena
  • +20 to Familiar Damage
All wax lips 8
Adorable Seal Larva pretty pink bow 15 +10 lbs. of Ghuol Whelp
Adorable Space Buddy cute bow from beyond the stars 30 +5 to Familiar Weight
Adventurous Spelunker stembridge sidearm 18
  • +5 to Familiar Weight
  • Decisively ends fights, but only occasionally
Ancient Yuletide Troll giant book of ancient carols 28 Causes the Ancient Yuletide Troll to drop disintegrating sheet music more frequently.
Angry Jung Man Little Crimson Book 19 +5 to Familiar Weight
Animated Macaroni Duck farfalle bow tie 16 +10 lbs. of Barrrnacle
Antique Nutcracker nutcracking pliers 18 Drops nuts more often
Angry Goat prosthetic forehead 19 +5 to Familiar Weight
Artistic Goth Kid little wooden mannequin 23
  • +5 to Familiar Weight
  • Familiar will give free PvP fights at intervals of 20 adventures instead of 30
Astral Badger badger badge 12 Increases astral mushroom drop rate
Attention-Deficit Demon attention spanner 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Autonomous Disco Ball stick-on mini solar panels 26 +10 lbs. of Star Starfish
Baby Bugged Bugbear bugged beanie 13
Baby Bugged Bugbear bugged balaclava 16
Baby Bugged Bugbear bugged bön±Ã©t 15
Baby Gravy Fairy eye-pod 7 +5 to Familiar Weight
Baby Mayonnaise Wasp mayo pump 9 +5 to Familiar Weight
Baby Mutant Rattlesnake rattlesnake enrager 19 +5 to Familiar Weight
Baby Sandworm string of dingle balls 22 +5 to Familiar Weight
Baby Yeti penguin-smacking club 21 +5 to Familiar Damage
Baby Z-Rex french-fry grabber 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Barrrnacle sucky decal 11 +5 to Familiar Weight
Blavious Kloop miniscule beatbox 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Blood-Faced Volleyball palm-frond toupee 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Bloovian Groose spruce juice 12 +5 to Familiar Weight
BRICKO chick extra-heavy BRICKO brick 24 +5 to Familiar Weight
Bulky Buddy Box pet rock "Snooty"/"Groucho" disguises 26/27
Casagnova Gnome miniature castagnets 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Cat Burglar Burglar/sleep mask 18
  • Helps your Cat Burglar take naps more efficiently
  • Causes Cat Burglar to charge up its heist ability ×1.5 times faster
Chauvinist Pig bottle of Cochon Noir 21 +5 to Familiar Weight
Cheshire Bat smile-sharpening stone 22 +5 to Familiar Weight
Chocolate Lab chocolate leash 15 +10 to Familiar Weight
Choctopus chocolate bowtie 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Clockwork Grapefruit false eyelashes 15 +5 to Familiar Weight
Cocoabo chocolate spurs 15 +5 to Familiar Weight
Coffee Pixie miniature espresso maker 24 +5 to Familiar Weight
Cotton Candy Carnie cotton candy cordial 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Crimbo Elf dental pliers 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
P. R. E. S. S. I. E.
metallic foil bow 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
P. R. E. S. S. I. E.
metallic foil radar dish 24
Crimbo Shrub even more tinsel 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Cuddlefish six-armed sweater 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Cute Meteor meteor shower cap 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Cymbal-Playing Monkey funky brass fez 15 +5 to Familiar Weight
Dancing Frog amphibious tophat 17 Allows Frog to breathe underwater
Dancing Frog miniature tophat 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Dandy Lion woolen cravat 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
Dataspider solid state loom 16 +10 to Familiar Weight
Dramatic Hedgehog tiny prop sword 15 +5 to Familiar Weight
Doppelshifter tiny makeup kit 15 +15 to Familiar Weight
Elf Operative red-and-green microcamera 25
Emo Squid gazing shoes 12 +5 to Familiar Weight
Evil Teddy Bear evil teddy bear sewing kit 26 Teddy Bear loses less stuffing when hit.
Exotic Parrot cracker 7 +15 to Familiar Weight
Feather Boa Constrictor velvet choker 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
Feral Kobold slightly thicker filthy rags 28 +5 to Familiar Weight
Fist Turkey brass turkey knuckles 21 +10 to Familiar Weight
Flaming Face flaming nose 12 Makes Flaming Face More Complete
Flaming Gravy Fairy flaming glowsticks 18
Frozen Gravy Fairy iced-out bling 14
Frumious Bandersnatch aquaviolet jub-jub bird 23
  • +5 to Familiar Weight
  • Stat gains from the familiar are all allocated to Mysticality, rather than the normal 2:1:1
Frumious Bandersnatch charpuce jub-jub bird 21
  • +5 to Familiar Weight
  • Stat gains from the familiar are all allocated to Moxie, rather than the normal 2:1:1
Frumious Bandersnatch crimsilion jub-jub bird 23
  • +5 to Familiar Weight
  • Stat gains from the familiar are all allocated to Muscle, rather than the normal 2:1:1
Fuzzy Dice meatcar model 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
Galloping Grill box of hickory chips 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Garbage Fire fireproof skip lid 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Gelatinous Cubeling Pile of dungeon junk 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Ghost Pickle on a Stick skewer-mounted razor blade 26 +5 to Familiar Weight
Ghuol Whelp tiny knife and fork 19 +5 to Familiar Weight
God Lobster God Lobster's Crown 18
  • Makes your God Lobster bestow stat gains based on an ancient mystic formula
  • Makes the God Lobster give stats like a sombrero rather than a volleyball
  • Obtained by challenging a God Lobster equipped with God Lobster's Scepter
  • Quest item
God Lobster God Lobster's Ring 18
  • Makes your God Lobster increase Item Drops
  • Gives the God Lobster the abilities of a full-weight Fairy
  • Obtained by challenging a God Lobster equipped with God Lobster's Robe
  • Quest item
God Lobster God Lobster's Robe 18
  • Makes your God Lobster prevent monster attacks
  • Obtained by challenging a God Lobster equipped with God Lobster's Rod
  • Quest item
God Lobster God Lobster's Rod 17
  • Makes your God Lobster restore HP and MP after Combat
  • Obtained by challenging a God Lobster equipped with God Lobster's Ring
  • Quest item
God Lobster God Lobster's Scepter 21
  • Makes your God Lobster slightly increase Item and Meat Drops
  • Gives the God Lobster the combined abilities of a half-weight Fairy and half-weight Leprechaun
  • Obtained by challenging a God Lobster
  • Quest item
Golden Monkey golden banana 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
Grim Brother Grim Brothers' story book 25 +5 to Familiar Weight
Grimstone Golem grimstone galoshes 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Gluttonous Green Ghost plastic bib 11 Makes your ghost better at eating stuff.
Green Pixie green pixie spog 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Grinning Turtle security blankie 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Grouper Groupie gill rings 10 +5 to Familiar Weight
Grue moonglasses 11 Makes Familiar less sensitive to light
Hand Turkey candied yam pinky ring 22 +5 to Familiar Weight
Hanukkimbo Dreidl menorette 9 +5 to Familiar Weight
Happy Medium crystal decanter 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
He-Boulder quadroculars 12
Helix Fossil S.S. Ticket 11 +5 to Familiar Weight
Hippo Ballerina immense ballet shoes 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Hobo Monkey tiny bindle 11 +5 to Familiar Weight
Holiday Log pet rock "Snooty"/"Groucho" disguises 26/27
Homemade Robot homemade robot gear 19
  • +1 Gear
Hovering Skull shiny gold fronts 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Hovering Sombrero tiny maracas 12 +5 to Familiar Weight
Howling Balloon Monkey tiny balloon knife 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Hunchbacked Minion miniature Jacob's ladder 24 +5 to Familiar Weight
Imitation Crab imitation whetstone 19 Makes Imitation Crab claws sharper
Inflatable Dodecapede toy six-seater hovercraft 25 -5 to Familiar Weight
Jack-in-the-Box brass crank handle 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Jill-O-Lantern 100-Watt bulb 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
Jitterbug bottle of perfume 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Jumpsuited Hound Dog blue suede shoes 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Killer Bee brass stinger 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
Knob Goblin Organ Grinder microwave stogie 16 Helps your Organ Grinder Bake Pies Faster
Leprechaun Meat detector 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
Levitating Potato many-eyed glasses 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Lil' Barrel Mimic brass bung spigot 17
  • Lets your Barrel Mimic restore HP and MP after combat.
Li'l Xenomorph Tiny top hat and cane 21 Lets your Li'l Xenomorph dance!
Llama Lama zen motorcycle 14 Makes Llama Lamas friendlier
Machine Elf self-dribbling basketball 25 +10 to Familiar Weight
Magic Dragonfish fin-bit wax 11 +5 to Familiar Weight
MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech targeting chip 14 More likely to use more powerful attacks
Mariachi Chihuahua tiny sombrero 13 +10 lbs. of Hovering Sombrero
Mechanical Songbird shiny brass tailfeathers 24 +5 to Familiar Weight
Melodramedary dromedary drinking helmet 25 Occasonally gain extra spit
Midget Clownfish half-height unicycle 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Mini-Adventurer mini-Mr. Accessory 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Mini-Crimbot heavy-duty Crimbot aerial 25 +5 to Familiar Weight
Mini-Hipster chiptune guitar 15 +25% Item Drops from Monsters
Mini-Hipster fixed-gear bicycle 18 +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
Mini-Hipster ironic moustache 16 +10 to Familiar Weight
Mini-Skulldozer ribcage rollcage 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Miniature Sword & Martini Guy really tiny cocktail shaker 27 +5 to Familiar Weight
MiniMechaElf MiniMechaElf Laser Punch Missile Launcher 41 More likely to use more powerful attacks
Misshapen Animal Skeleton bone collar 11 +5 to Familiar Weight
Mosquito hypodermic needle 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Mosquito serrated proboscis extension 28
Ms. Puck Man blue pumps 10
  • Causes your Ms. Puck Man to sometimes drop extra yellow pixels
Mutant Cactus Bud cactus monocle 14 +5 to Familiar Weight
Mutant Fire Ant ant antidepressant 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Mutant Gila Monster Jawmaster 2000™ 15 +5 to Familiar Weight
Nanorhino Nanorhino credit card 21 Helps your Nano-Rhino charge
Nervous Tick Spoon! 6 +5 to Familiar Weight
Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot rhesus monkey 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
Nosy Nose nosy nose ringy ring 20 +15 to Familiar Weight
Ninja Snowflake icicle katana 13 +5 to Familiar Weight
O.A.F. hardware upgrade 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Obtuse Angel quake of arrows 15 Angel has stronger arrows
Oily Woim woimbook 8 +5 to Familiar Weight
Optimistic Candle pewter candlestick 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Origami Towel Crane can of starch 13 Makes Origami Towel Crane More Resistant to Wear and Tear
Pair of Ragged Claws radioactive chew toy 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Pair of Stomping Boots stomp box 9 +5 to Familiar Weight
Penguin Goodfella tasteful black bow tie 22 +5 to Familiar Weight
Party Mouse party mouse hat 15 +5 to Familiar Weight
Peppermint Rhino licorice boa 12 +5 to Familiar Weight
Personal Raincloud rainbow tie 11 +5 to Familiar Weight
Pet Cheezling jalapeño slices 15 +10 lbs. of Leprechaun
Pet Coral pet rock "Snooty"/"Groucho" disguises 26/27
Pet Rock pet rock "Snooty"/"Groucho" disguises 26/27
Piano Cat kitty sheet music 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Piranha Plant plastic piranha pot 19 +5 to Familiar Weight
Plastic Pirate Skull plastic pirate hat 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Pocket Professor Pocket Professor memory chip 28 +2 lecture uses, regardless of weight
Pottery Barn Owl affordable teak perch 21 +5 to Familiar Weight
Psychedelic Bear psychedelic bubble wand 23 +5 to Familiar Weight
Puck Man orange boxing gloves 20
  • Causes your Puck Man to sometimes drop extra yellow pixels
Purse Rat tiny cell phone 15 +10 to Familiar Weight
Putty Buddy putty coat 10 +5 to Familiar Weight
Pygmy Bugbear Shaman tiny nose-bone fetish 21 Reduces familiar's MP expenditure by 2-4.
Ragamuffin Imp none 6
Reagnimated Gnome gnomish athlete's foot 22
  • Lets your gnome kick enemies prior to combat
Reagnimated Gnome gnomish coal miner's lung 25
  • Your gnome's coughing will sometimes block enemy attacks
Reagnimated Gnome gnomish housemaid's kgnee 25
  • Lets your gnome help out around the house
Reagnimated Gnome gnomish swimmer's ears 22
  • Makes you a better diver
  • (because the gnome helps you dive better)
  • (by riding on your back)
Reagnimated Gnome gnomish tennis elbow 20
  • Lets your gnome attack enemies
Reanimated Reanimator flask of embalming fluid 24 Helps your Reanimated Reanimator collect body parts faster
Reassembled Blackbird tiny bust of Pallas 19 +5 to Familiar Weight
Red-Nosed Snapper tinsel fin 10 +5 to Familiar Weight
Restless Cow Skull rhinestone cowhorn 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
RoboGoose overclocked avian microprocessor 32 +5 to Familiar Weight
Robortender Toggle switch (Bartend) 23 +5 to Familiar Weight
Robortender Toggle switch (Bounce) 22
  • +5 to Familiar Weight
  • Grants a PVP fight after combat twice as often (base 5%)
Robot Reindeer S.L.E.I.G.H.B.E.L.L.S. 22 +5 to Familiar Weight
Rock Lobster Extra-strength rubber bands 27 +5 to Familiar Weight
Rockin' Robin tiny domino mask 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Rogue Program portable motorcycle 19 +5 to Familiar Weight
Sabre-Toothed Lime tiny shaker of salt 19 +5 to Familiar Weight
Sausage Golem jar of magical relish 21 +5 to Familiar Weight
Scary Death Orb tuning fork 11 Familiar will attack you less often
Sleazy Gravy Fairy hot pink lipstick 17
Slimeling undissolvable contact lenses 28 Helps your Slimeling See Better
Sludgepuppy lead collar 11 +5 to Familiar Weight
Smiling Rat rat tooth polish 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Snow Angel snow halo 9 +5 to Familiar Weight
Snowy Owl Pretty Predator Clawicure Kit 29 +5 to Familiar Weight
Software Bug missing semicolon 17 +11 to Familiar Weight
Software bug pet rock "Snooty"/"Groucho" disguises 26/27
Space Jellyfish space jellybicycle 18 +5 to Familiar Weight
Spirit Hobo weegee sqouija 14 Hobo's Booze is more effective
Spooky Gravy Fairy miniature carton of clove cigarettes 36
Spooky Pirate Skeleton blundarrrbus 12 +5 to Familiar Weight
Squamous Gibberer unspeakable lozenges 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Stab Bat shock collar 12 Familiar will attack you less often
Star Starfish magnifying glass 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Steam-Powered Cheerleader school spirit socket set 24
  • Keeps more steam in
Stinky Gravy Fairy limburger biker boots 21
Stocking Mimic bag of many confections 23
  • Allows familiar to gain weight
  • Sometimes drops candy buffs after combat
Sugar Fruit Fairy tiny ballet slippers 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Sweet Nutcracker metal mandible 14 +5 to Familiar Weight
Syncopated Turtle metrognome 10 +5 to Familiar Weight
Teddy Bear teddy bear sewing kit 21 Teddy Bear loses less stuffing when hit.
Teddy Borg teddy borg sewing kit 21 Teddy Borg loses less stuffing when hit.
Temporal Riftlet 1.21 jigawatts 14 +5 to Familiar Weight
Tickle-Me Emilio tiny do-rag 11 +5 to Familiar Weight
Toothsome Rock pet rock "Snooty"/"Groucho" disguises 26/27
Topiary Skunk topiary noseplugs 17 +5 to Familiar Weight
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l candy corn costume 23
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l clown costume 18
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l eyeball costume 20
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l ghost costume 18
  • +100% Combat Initiative
  • A combat initiative bonus equivalent to a 50-pound Oily Woim.
  • Complex chain of requirements to drop.
  • Cannot be traded
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l knight costume 19
  • All Attributes +15
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l liberty costume 20
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l ninja costume 18
  • +150% Item Drops from Monsters
  • An item drop bonus equivalent to an 85lb Fairy or 68lb Jumpsuited Hound Dog.
  • This item drops from any ninja if you have a Trick-or-Treating Tot in your terrarium.
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day.
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l pirate costume 19
  • +300% Item Drops from Monsters
  • A meat bonus equivalent to an 85lb Leprechaun type or 68lb Hobo Monkey.
  • This item drops from any pirate if you have a Trick-or-Treating Tot in your terrarium.
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day.
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l robot costume 18
Trick-or-Treating Tot li'l unicorn costume 20
Twitching Space Critter ramekin of space nuts 21 +5 to Familiar Weight
Unconscious Collective blue canary nightlight 22 +5 to Familiar Weight
Underworld Bonsai miniature pruning shears 24 +5 to Familiar Weight
Uniclops eye 'n' horn shampoo 20 +5 to Familiar Weight
Untamed Turtle smiley-face sticker 19 +10 lbs. of Blood-Faced Volleyball
Urchin Urchin pet anemone 11 +5 to Familiar Weight
Warbear Drone warbear drone codes 19
  • Makes the drone better, faster, stronger
Wereturtle bottle of moontan lotion 24 Makes Familiar More Sensitive to Light
Whirling Maple Leaf tiny Mountie hat 16 +5 to Familiar Weight
Wild Hare miniature dormouse 18 Makes March Hare more better
Wind-up Chattering Teeth diamond-studded fronts 22 +5 to Familiar Weight
Wizard Action Figure mint-condition magic wand 25
  • Increases the Wizard's Volley/Gravy abilities from 1/3 to 2/3
  • Breaks every 25-40 turns
  • Thus a Comma Chameleon acts as a 2/3 WAF until its wand "breaks," and then as a 1/3 WAF
Xiblaxian Holo-Companion Xiblaxian holo-bowtie 21 +5 to Familiar Weight
XO Skeleton exo-xo-skeleton-skeleton 24 +5 to Familiar Weight
Yule Hound Crimbo dog sweater 18 +5 to Familiar Weight

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