Fancy Dan

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Fancy Dan runs bar in Oliver's Place. He only accepts milk caps and drink chits.

Fancy Dan the Cocktail Man Fancy Dan the Cocktail Man

Hey there, baby! What can I getcha?

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Collins.gif Champagne Shimmy Oliver milkcap.gif 1
Perf negroni.gif Charleston Choo-Choo Oliver chit.gif 1
Martini2.gif Marltini Oliver chit.gif 1
Boxingpunch.gif Mysterious Stranger Oliver milkcap.gif 1
Perf oldf.gif Strong, Silent Type Oliver milkcap.gif 1
Redrussian.gif Velvet Veil Oliver chit.gif 1
You have:
Oliver milkcap.gif X milk caps
Oliver chit.gif Y drink chits