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Welcome Center
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The Cursed Village
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The Lair of the Spider Queen
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LyleCo's FantasyRealm is initially unlocked after using a FantasyRealm membership packet (permanent access) or FantasyRealm guest pass (one day access). Thereafter it can be reached via A Monorail Station on the Right Side of the Tracks in Seaside Town.

Locations here include:


  • You can find more information about this zone and what to do here at FantasyRealm Visitor's Guide.
  • Locations are unlocked each day through a previous noncombat and become available for 5 monsters + 1 noncombat.
  • Maps can be purchased to bypass the crossroads noncombat adventure.
  • Familiars are not permitted. Taking a familiar will result in the message: "You can't take a familiar in there without buying a familiar pass, and familiar passes are sold out for the next forty years.".
  • You can make selections in only 5 non-combat adventures per day. Attempts to continue exploring after that give the message:
Your G. E. M. beeps at you, indicating that your time in FantasyRealm has come to an end for today.
  • If you attempt to enter FantasyRealm in Bad Moon, you are rejected with the following message:
This is a bad moon for a fantasy vacation.
A Monorail Station
Lyle's Office