Festive Dismemberment

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Trophy Number: 39
Image Filename: in_deep_end_ents.gif

Festive Dismemberment
Festive Dismemberment

This trophy is earned by using a Knob Goblin firecracker on July 4th.

Festive Dismemberment You're entitled to the "Festive Dismemberment" Trophy, for committing true American Patriotism by blowing off your fingers with a firecracker on the Fourth of July.


  • This trophy does not have to be bought on July 4th, but it must be bought during the ascension in which you qualified for the trophy.
  • First implemented sometime between July 4th 2005 and July 4th 2006
  • On July 4th 2008, this trophy was not awarded for several hours due to Jick forgetting to activate it. This was only fixed for people who used the firecracker after it was fixed. Those who used it before were still without trophies.
  • On July 4th 2009, once again, this trophy was not awarded for several hours due to Jick forgetting to activate it. Unlike the year before, however, those who used the firecracker before it was implemented and still had the missing fingers effect active were able to obtain the trophy after it was implemented.
  • On July 4th 2010, this trophy was again not activated for several hours after rollover. The firecracker had to be used after the fix in order to be eligible for the trophy. Merely having the missing fingers effect from a previously used firecracker on the 4th was not sufficient.
  • The firecracker must be used ON JULY 4th, ARIZONA TIME in order to qualify for the trophy. Since July 4th does not start until several hours after rollover ends on the evening of July 3rd, it is recommended that you wait a while before trying to acquire the trophy.