Fez of etymology

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fez of etymology
fez of etymology

This powerful enchanted fez bestows upon its wearer the ability to instantly discern the origin of any word he or she encounters.

What could you do with a fez like this? Why, look stylish, of course!

Type: hat
Power: 120
Moxie Required: 45
Selling Price: 250 Meat.

Moxie +7

(In-game plural: feces of etymology)
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Item number: 955
Description ID: 434649239
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Hammer.gif helmet recipe meat stack  
Hammer.gif basic meat helmet tassel  
Hammer.gif basic meat fez facsimile dictionary
Equals.gif fez of etymology


  • The fez of etymology is based on Faustus Pringle's (and his other British companions') self-described "probably exciting episodic audio-drama, made especially for your aural stimulation", which is also named The Fez of Etymology.
  • The plural "feces of etymology" is derived as a clever analogy to Spanish pluralization rules: in Spanish, a word like "pez" (fish) is pluralized as "peces," so similarly, the English word "fez" could be comically pluralized as "feces."

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