Fire a badly romantic arrow

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Fire a badly romantic arrow

Fire a badly romantic arrow

Type: Combat
MP Cost: N/A

[I am the fall in love arrow]

Source: Have an Obtuse Angel as your current familiar
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Obtuse Angel fires an arrow to stun the monster and attract it some turns later.
When Used:
  • Against an enemy that can be arrow'd:

<familiar> fires a badly romantic arrow at your opponent. He roars an angry "RAAAH! RAAAH!" but it quickly turns into an "OOO LA LA!" He gazes at you, too stunned by your beauty to attack this round.

<familiar> is shaking too hard to fire the badly romantic arrow. "There are reanimated corpses out there," he whispers, "and if I accidentally hit one, instead of loving, he'll want revenge! I can't risk it."

  • Otherwise:

<familiar> considers firing a badly romanting[sic] arrow at your opponent, but after sizing him up, he decides he doesn't want his drama, the touch of his hand, or his leather-studded kiss in the sand.


  • Staggers your opponent.
  • After firing turns the monster into a wandering monster, which will obey all the encounter rules on that page.
    • The range between arrowed monsters is believed to be 15-25 turns.
    • The counter is only set when visiting adventure.php.
      • You must visit adventure.php after firing the arrow to start the timer.
      • When the monster shows up again, even though it shows up in adventure.php, that isn't enough to restart the timer. You must hit adventure.php again to restart the timer for the next monster.
  • The monster will appear twice, or three times if the Angel had a quake of arrows equipped.
  • The monster will stop following you at rollover.
  • During these extra fights, the monster's normal combat text will be replaced by:
    You stop for a moment to catch your breath, and possibly a cold, and hear a wolf whistle from behind you. You spin around and see a <monster> that looks suspiciously like the one you shot with a love arrow earlier. It has little animated hearts circling around it, and it looks at you with such devoted longing that it turns your stomach a little. It lunges at you, intent on hugging you to death.
  • Any enemy that can be copied can be hit with an arrow.


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