Fire a poison arrow

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Fire a poison arrow

Fire a poison arrow

Type: Combat
MP Cost: N/A

[I am the poison arrow]

Source: Have an Obtuse Angel as your current familiar
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Obtuse Angel fires arrow to poison opponent
When Used:
<familiar name> shoots that poisoned arrow to your opponent's heeeeaaaart (or heeeaaart-equivalent) for X damage.
  • On initial and following rounds:
Your opponent writhes as he takes Y damage from the poison.


  • X ranges from Z-Z*2, where Z is the weight of the familiar.
  • With the quake of arrows equipped, X ranges from Z*2-Z*3.
  • The poison damage is reduced by half, round down, each round. The first round of poison damage is 80%, rounded down, of the initial damage.


  • The allusion in the combat message is to "Poison Arrow" by ABC.

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