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This is a little flaming purse for the creepy ginger twin to keep her drugs, shoplifted jewelry, and soul-stealing apparatus in.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: Ginger Fightis (50 Adventures)Makes you look like a creepy ginger twin

(In-game plural: fireclutches)
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Item number: 5555
Description ID: 348132593
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Obtained From

Twin Peak
Creepy Ginger Twin (with Monster Manuel)

When Used

You pick up the fireclutch. It engulfs you in unholy ginger flame, and when it's out, you look a little different.
Purse.gifYou acquire an effect: Ginger Fightis
(duration: 50 Adventures)


  • Changes the player's avatar to Twins ginger.gif
  • Only drops to players with Monster Manuel installed in their Quest Log.


  • The name of this item is a pun referencing "firecrotch," a slang expression commonly applied to Lindsay Lohan, the celebrity upon whom the Creepy Ginger Twin is based.
  • The drugs and shoplifted jewelry mentioned in the description are likewise Lohan references. The soul-stealing apparatus is based on a tongue-in-cheek myth about redheads in general.


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