Flaming crutch

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flaming crutch
flaming crutch

This is like a normal crutch, only it's on fire. This would be useful if you found yourself without the use of one of your legs, and possessed of fireproof armpits.

Or, y'know, you could hold it by the end that isn't on fire and hit stuff with it. That'd work, too.

Type: weapon (1-handed club)
Damage: 6 - 12
Muscle Required: 15
Selling Price: 65 Meat.

+3 Hot Damage

(In-game plural: flaming crutches)
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Item number: 473
Description ID: 792747348
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Obtained From

The Dark Elbow of the Woods
L imp
The Deep Fat Friars' Gate
L imp
The Heap
I Refuse!


  • Until April 15, 2006 this was a miscellaneous item with no purpose or value, other than its autosell value of 31.

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