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What are the specific effects of flipping out for each monster?

Flipping out is an "enrage" or "power increase" mechanic which certain monsters can activate in combat. The flip out mechanism can be identified by the fact that the affected monster can be calmed by one of six calming skills found in Hobopolis. The name "flip out" comes from combat messages: for example, "Hodgman flips out and gets angry." However, the specific phrase "flip out" is not necessarily used for every monster that uses this mechanic.

When a monster flips out, their Attack and Defense stats are increased by their initial Attack and Defense (after bonus Monster Level). This does not increase their HP or the amount of stats they give. These changes are also not recognized by Monster Manuel or tongue depressor, and the increased values are also not affected by percentage deleveling. For example, a monster with 100 Attack/Defense at the start of the combat that is then deleveled by 10% and then flips out will become treated as a monster with 190 Attack/Defense. If another 10% delevel is used, it will be reduced to 181 rather than 171.


The following monsters can flip out:

Hobopolis bosses seem to flip out after 5 rounds of combat. It is not yet known how this affects their abilities or if the effects are the same for all of them.
These fish flip out at the beginning of combat if the player has the Fishbreath effect active:
"The <monster name> smells the fish blood on your breath and flips out."
This also allows an extra item to drop from each of these monsters. Subsequently calming the monster down does not prevent the item from dropping.
This boss from an LT&T telegram quest can flip out upon rolling a six on the first of his dice.


  • Using Spit on them! on an eligible monster makes them flip out and also attack twice per turn. In addition, the number of items they can drop are increased.

Calming skills

All flipped out enemies can be calmed with one of the following skills obtained from Hobopolis:

Against normal enemies, these skills simply deal damage. However, against flipped out enemies, these skills have a calming function (but deal no damage), removing the flipped-out state. Melodramedary spit monsters will still attack twice per turn but lose their increased attack and defense.