Floaty rock pants

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floaty rock pants
floaty rock pants

Fortunately, this pair of pants makes up for its stonelike inflexibility with its gravity-defying floatiness. Unfortunately, it has nothing with which to make up for its lack of style or its serious chafing potential.

Type: pants
Power: 100
Moxie Required: 35
Outfit: Floaty Fatigues
  (3 items)

Cannot be discarded

+10% chance of Spell Critical Hit

(In-game plural: floaty rock pantss)
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Item number: 4173
Description ID: 883831428
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Hammer.gif pants kit meat stack  
Hatpants.gif basic meat pants floaty rock
Equals.gif floaty rock pants


  • The recipe must be learned by using a Crystallized memory. Otherwise, attempting to smith it will result in: "It seems like that should work... but it doesn't."

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