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fortune cookie
fortune cookie

This is a fortune cookie, manufactured by HNSTY (pronounced with an 'NSTY'.)

It smells lemony and Nethack-esque. It'll probably be just the thing if you find yourself stuck somewhere.

Type: food (crappy)
Size: 1
Selling Price: 20 Meat.

(In-game plural: fortune cookies)
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Item number: 61
Description ID: 490489381
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Obtained From

The General Store (40 Meat)
Chinatown Shops (40 Meat)
Chez Snootée (sometimes) (60 Meat)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Second Toot Oriole Quest
The Hermitage

When Consumed

This fortune cookie is delicious! This cookie has a dried-out old clover inside.
Clover.gifYou acquire an item: ten-leaf clover
AdventuresYou gain 1 Adventure.
(You gain 1 Fullness.)

When Smashed

You brutally smash the fortune cookie. There is a scrap of paper inside:
[Fortune from the list below.]
It looks like there were some lucky numbers printed on the bottom of the fortune, but they got torn off when you smashed the cookie.


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  • Council quests:
    • If the Spooky Forest Quest has not been completed:
      Perhaps a walk in the forest will clear your head.
    • If the Typical Tavern Quest has not been completed:
      Not all those who stumble through the darkness are lost. Just most of them.
    • If the Boss Bat Quest has not been completed, and...
      • You have not acquired any sonar-in-a-biscuits:
        Bachelor Rule #37: Covering up an odor is just as effective as eliminating it, no matter what the commercials say.
      • You have acquired a sonar-in-a-biscuit, but not used it:
        What is the sound of one wall breaking? Is it different than that of four walls breaking?
        When life gives you obstacles, make obstacleade. Or just keep beating your head against them until you find something useful.
      • You have not opened the The Boss Bat's Lair:
        Things that work once tend to work again. Except grenades.
      • The Boss Bat is still alive:
        Sometimes violence is not the answer. This is not one of those times.
    • If the The King of Cobb's Knob Quest has not been completed and Cobb's Knob has been opened:
      You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. And you'll catch more lechers with perfume and suggestive attire than with... er... vinegar.
    • If the Deep Fat Friars' Gate Quest has not been completed:
      Remember, the persistent bird gets the eldritch objects. And is worth two in the bush.
      If you're having trouble finding something, keep looking.
    • If the Undefile the Cyrpt Quest has not been completed:
      Confucious say: Keep killing stuff until your goal is accomplished.
      The early bird gets the worm. But you're not after worms, so just keep killing stuff.
    • If the Mt. McLargeHuge Quest has not been completed, you've spoken to the Trapper, and...
      • You have not retrieved ore for the Trapper:
        Never serve alcohol to miners, but miners (or those dressed like miners) are more likely to get ore.
        All that glitters is ore. Except when it's not.
      • You have not retrieved enough cheese for the Trapper:
        We're not trying to get your goat, but you'd better get several.
        This quest is udderly ridiculous.
      • You have not reached The Icy Peak:
        Reading is good for you. If you're stuck, check out the quest log. It puts the "fun" in FrUstratioN!
    • Once the The Valley of Rof L'm Fao has been opened, but you have not used the 64735 scroll:
      The gates of knowledge await you. Are you 1337 3nough?
      You're in the middle of a basic, by-the-numbers quest.
      S0m3tim3s, num83rs c4n l00k lik3 l3773rs.
      If nothing's adding up, try adding some things up.
    • If the Giant Trash Quest has not been completed:
      Don't put it off until tomorrow - put your shoulder to the wheel.
      The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'. But it's not going to turn itself, you know.
    • If the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin has not been completed, and...
      • You have not found The Black Market:
        There's more to a bird than just eyes and wings, but hey, those are the important bits, right?
      • You have not given Gnasir a can of black paint:
        Black paint? Where the heck are you going to find black paint?
      • You have reached The Hidden Temple, but not reached Dvorak's Revenge:
        Confounded by temple traps? Perhaps your dad had some helpful info.
      • You have not passed Dvorak's Revenge:
        That trap'll meet you at the bleachers -- no principals, no student-teachers.
        That trap's gonna make you fall, gonna sock it to you.
      • You have not defeated the Protector Spectre:
        Those ancient gods don't much like frivolous sacrifices. Surely there's some way to tell who wants what...
      • You have not discovered Spookyraven Manor Wine Cellar:
        Having trouble finding Spookyraven Manor? Perhaps you could find an entrance somewhere sufficiently haunted...
        That sheet music in your father's diary looks important. But where to play it?
      • You have not discovered the Summoning Chamber:
        That wine cellar sure is spooky. You keep seeing things out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look directly at them, they're gone.
      • You have not unlocked the Palindome:
        I am a snake head eating the head on the opposite side.
      • You have not met Dr. Awkward:
        Your dad's diary holds all sorts of useful information.
      • You have not met Mr. Alarm:
        If you were a disgruntled ex-lab technician, where would you be?
    • If the Mysterious Island Quest has not been completed, and...
      • The war has not been started:
        Try assassinating Franz Ferdinand.
        If you're trying to start a war, a little subterfuge is probably necessary. Play dress-up!
        Trying to start a war? Dressing up is key / Get a little bit sneaky / And keep looking up.
      • The war has not been ended:
        There are a finite number of hippies and frat boys on the battlefield. Try to keep track!
        War going too slow? / Help some other people out / Maybe they'll help you.
    • If the Naughty Sorceress Quest has not been completed, and...
      • You have not passed The 3 Gates:
        You're going to have to alter your physical and mental state to pass through the gates. Read the text carefully, then scour the miscellaneous section of your inventory.
        The gates are vexing / The solutions are swallowed / Neither food nor booze.
      • You have not passed The Huge Mirror:
        Don't let anything come between you and your reflection.
      • You have do not have a digital key:
        Here's 8 bits of advice for you -- your New Year's low resolution should be to find a new key.
      • You have do not have Richard's star key:
        Trouble moving forward? Keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars.
      • You have not passed The Stone Mariachis:
        The key to this puzzle is to find as many keys as you can.
      • You have not passed The Hedge Maze:
        The puzzle is the map. The map is the puzzle. The cat's in the cradle.
      • You have not cleared The Stairs, and are on...
        • Floor 1:
          Your weapons won't help on the tower stairs -- you'll have to get creative.
        • Floor 2:
          Weapons and spells are no good here - you're gonna have to get creative.
        • Floor 3:
          Your weapons and spells won't help here - you're going to have to get creative.
        • Floor 4:
          To beat the tower monsters, remember all you've been through, follow the clues, and be creative.
        • Floor 5:
          Weapons and spells are no good here - you'll have to get creative.
        • Floor 6:
          You're almost to the top of the tower! Keep doing what you've been doing!
      • You have not passed The Heavy Door:
        At the heavy door, only logic can help you.
      • You have not passed The Electrical Attack:
        If you're getting fried by a beam of energy, take some time to reflect on how to deflect it.
      • You have not defeated your shadow:
        If your shadow gets you down, don't hurt it -- help yourself.
      • You have not passed the first of The Giant Familiars:
        Losing a battle with a giant familiar is a good way to collect clues to win it.
      • You have passed the second Giant Familiar:
        For familiar battles, sometimes it's best to read carefully what happens when you lose.
      • You are ready to face The Naughty Sorceress, but do not have the Wand of Nagamar:
        If you don't have the RIGHT WEAPON to fight the Sorceress, you'll be underground like A GOPHER TWIN.
  • Guild quests:
    • If the Bitchin' Meatcar Quest has not been completed:
      Stack up your meat to fill your tank.
      You may find the rims only if you are permitted to do so.
      Some say the shiny rims are priceless. Others say they're worthless. Still others say they generally cost 300 meat.
    • If the White Citadel Quest has been started but The Road to the White Citadel has not been found:
      If you're stuck, reread your Quest Log - it puts the FUN back into FrUstratiNg!
    • If the Legendary Epic Weapon Quest has not been completed, and...
      • Your Epic Weapon has not been assembled:
        Can't find the first part of your Epic Weapon? Perhaps the old man has hidden himself somewhere secluded, so he doesn't have to worry about kids on his lawn.
        Can't find the second part of your Epic Weapon? Maybe he hid it as a prize in one of the casino games. You'll have to be pretty lucky to win it, though...
        Can't find the third part of your Epic Weapon? It might be right under your nose...
      • Your Legendary Epic Weapon has not been assembled:
        To get into Beelzebozo's lair, you'll need to trick his security system into letting you in...
    • If the A Dark and Dank and Sinister Quest has not been completed, and...
      • The first gate has not been opened:
        The first door is the Door of Nostalgia, hearkening back to the earliest days of your career.
      • The second gate has not been opened:
        The second door is the Door of the Burning Heart; those with no stomach for pain need not apply.
      • The third gate has not been opened:
        The third door is the Door of Skill; Only the craftiest of adventurers will pass.
      • If you have not defeated your nemesis yet:
        Does this fortune cookie fortune remind you of anything?
  • Miscellaneous quests:
    • If the Harold's Hammer Quest has not been completed:
      Remember the lessons the Toot Oriole taught you.
    • If the Azazel, Ma Belle quest has not been completed:
      Just keep clicking, just keep clicking, clicking clicking clicking...
      Seek and ye shall find
      Subtle are evil's designs
      So go to Hey Deze.
    • If the Cap'm Caronch Quest has not been completed, and...
      • You have not retrieved Cap'm Caronch's dentures:
        Infiltration is a tricky business -- good thing you've got several options for how to proceed.
      • You have accepted the challenge to play Insult Beer Pong, but not won:
        Barrrtleby sells a useful-looking book... shame it only has insults, and not comebacks.
      • You have won at Insult Beer Pong, but not collected and used all the cleaning supplies in The F'c'le:
        Looks like the Cap'm forgot to give you any cleaning supplies. Maybe the pirates have some.
  • Other fortunes:
    • If you are between level 3 and 8 on your first ascension:
      Have you checked out the Flea Market in Seaside Town? One man's trash may well be your treasure!
    • If you are at least level 5 and have no keys from The Daily Dungeon:
      The keys to your future success may lie in the Daily Dungeon.
    • If you do not have a Leprechaun and have access to The Spooky Forest:
      They say the Spooky Forest is full of lucky creatures.
    • If you do not have a Levitating Potato and have access to The Daily Dungeon:
      Don't miss your daily chance to claim a totally tuberular familiar!
    • If you do not have an Angry Goat and have access to The Goatlet:
      What's goat cheese without the cheese? I mean, really?
      If you don't have enough lack of cheese, maybe you should go on vacation. Confusing but true.
    • If you do not have a Sabre-Toothed Lime and have access to The Goatlet:
      Ever see a sabre-toothed lime? It's as easy as adding one and one...
    • If you do not have a Barrrnacle and have access to The Mysterious Island of Mystery:
      Avast, matey! P'raps ye could be doin' with a new familiarrr?
    • If you do not have a Blood-Faced Volleyball:
      Don't play volleyball with an injured hand, unless you want to succeed.
    • If you do not have a Baby Gravy Fairy and have access to The Haiku Dungeon:
      Mushrooms and gravy
      Two great tastes that come to life
      in a hot oven.
    • If you do not have a Star Starfish and have access to The Hole in the Sky:
      Twinkle, twinkle, little pet.
      Do you wonder how to get?

      In the Hole, get stars and lines,
      and see what's made when they combine.
    • If you do not meet the conditions for any fortunes:
      Help! I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory!
      The world is a grand comedy to your sense of humor.


  • The fortune cookie (when smashed) can give a typical fortune cookie fortune, or may provide a hint about where to find something.
  • Smashing a fortune cookie does not give adventures or fullness.
  • If you are wearing the Yendorian Finery, you may receive a fortune directly from NetHack's "rumors" list. A list of such can be found here and here.


  • These were originally obtained from the Hermit, before they moved to the market on September 26, 2006.
  • Prior to this move, fortune cookies produced only a handful of messages, which were:
    The Hermit's inventory changes each day. If you don't find what you're looking for, try back tomorrow.
    The world is a grand comedy to your sense of humor.
    If you take a clover to the casino, you'll get an item that's more valuable than it appears.
    A clover only works once. Be careful where you go while carrying one.
  • As of NS13, the following fortunes do not occur:
    If you're going to fight the sorceress, you're gonna need some empty calories, some ambience, and a limp drink.
    Reading is fun-damental! Be a fundamentalist and check out your Quest Log today!
    The stars suggest you go back to your campsite and do some reading.
    How powerful is the Sorceress? How powerful are you?
  • Prior to Jan 1, 2022, instead of giving a ten-leaf clover, eating (not smashing) a fortune cookie gave you three lucky numbers, one of which indicates the occurrence of your next now-defunct Semi-Rare (with some exceptions, listed on the Semi-Rares page).
    • The three numbers could have included a repeat, and the "correct" number could have been repeated.
    • The random numbers could be anywhere from 1-299.
    • The consumption text & result used to be the following:
This fortune cookie is delicious! This cookie has a scrap of paper inside.
AdventuresYou gain 1 Adventure.
[Fortune from the list above.]
Lucky numbers: X, Y, Z
(You gain 1 Fullness.)


  • The description of this item references the song "The Humpty Dance" by Digital Underground. One of the lines goes, "My name is Humpty, pronounced with a Umpty [sic]".
  • The description mentions the computer game NetHack, wherein fortune cookies may provide useful tips, vague clues about game mechanics, jokes, or blatantly wrong information.
  • In the message regarding the potato sprout, "tuberular" is a combination of the terms "tuber," another word for potato, and "tubular," which is surfer slang.
  • In the message for the tavern quest, "not all those who stumble through the darkness are lost" is a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, which contains a poem with a line stating "not all those who wander are lost".
  • In the message for the garbage quest, "The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'" references the adventure in the Castle which is itself a reference to the Journey song "Wheel in the Sky".
  • The generic message "Just keep clicking..." is a reference to Finding Nemo in which the character Dory is heard humming or singing, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." several times throughout the movie.
  • The "trap'll meet you at the bleachers..." fortune references Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl", which is referenced in the solution to the Dvorak's Revenge puzzle.
  • "I am a snake head eating the head on the opposite side" is a line from the song "I Palindrome I" by They Might Be Giants.
  • The message for the Starry Starfish is a reference to the children's song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".


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