Fossilized necklace

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fossilized necklace
fossilized necklace

This is a fossilized necklace, decorated with fossilized teeth. How do you wear a necklace that's embedded in a massive slab of rock? Very carefully.

The necklace is adorned with:

B bat teeth
S serpent teeth
N baboon teeth
W wyrm teeth
D demon teeth
P spider teeth

Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded

All Attributes +2*B
Spell Damage +2*S
Weapon Damage +3*N
All Attributes +(3*W)%
+(3*D) Hot Damage
+(3*P) Spooky Damage

(In-game plural: fossilized necklaces)
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Item number: 4697
Description ID: 222160625
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Obtained From

fossilized bat skull
reanimated bat skeleton
fossilized serpent skull
reanimated serpent skeleton
fossilized baboon skull
reanimated baboon skeleton
fossilized wyrm skull
reanimated wyrm skeleton
fossilized demon skull
reanimated demon skeleton
fossilized spider skull
reanimated giant spider skeleton


  • The teeth necessary to upgrade the necklace can be collected by fighting Reanimated Fossils. The benefit from each type of tooth is capped at 5 teeth.
  • When given at least 5 of each teeth, this item gives:
    All Attributes +10
    Spell Damage +10
    Weapon Damage +15
    All Attributes +15%
    +15 Hot Damage
    +15 Spooky Damage
  • Tooth additions are preserved upon ascension.
  • Does not need to be equipped to get teeth.
  • Without access to a Fax Machine, you need at least 6 wings, 7 spines, 18 limbs, 4 torsos and 9 spikes, along with one of each skull to create one of each type of reanimated fossil. Additional copies of the monsters can be obtained with copying mechanics.
  • This item cannot be Pulverized. (Formerly smashable, making it a powerful option in low-resource Hardcore)

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