Fragnk, the Regnaissance Gnome

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Hello, Tall One.

I know how to do many things. I can teach you how to do them, too, for the low low price of 5,000 Meat per thing!

Fragnk is located in Desert Beach at The Gnomish Gnomads' Camp. He can teach you five different skills. All the skills are Passive and they each cost 5,000 Meat.

  • Powers of Observatiogn This skill makes you observant, like a very, very observant gnome. It increases the number of items you find when fighting monsters.
  • Adds 10% to monster item drops.
  • Adds 10% to monster meat drops.
  • Torso Awareness This skill allows you to understand how to use the middle part of your body to wear things known as "shirts."
  • Lets you find and wear shirts.
  • Gnomish Hardigness This skill makes you hardy, like a gnome. A hardy gnome. A hardy boy gnome, or a hardy girl gnome. Doesn't really matter.
  • Adds 5% to your max HP.
  • Cosmic Ugnderstanding Like a mystical, mystical gnome, you're more in touch with the Cosmos than most people are. And with the Redbooks.
  • Adds 5% to your max MP.

Learn Message

You leargn a new skill. Whee!


Frank's little hut is empty. It looks like getting the heck out of town when zombies invade was one of the many things he knew how to do.


  • A "Renaissance person" is someone who is adept or is wise in many things.
  • The description under Gnomish Hardigness refers to The Hardy Boys series of books.
  • The description under Cosmic Ugnderstanding uses a play on words: "Cosmos" meaning the universe, and "Cosmos" the plural of "Cosmo", an abbreviation of the women's magazine Cosmopolitan. Redbook is also a women's magazine, and technical manuals on many subjects are referred to as "Redbooks", like those published by IBM.