Friday the 13th

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Today is Friday the 13th!
Watch out! Bad things can happen on Friday the 13th.
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On January 13, 2006, adventurers noticed that extra text appended to win messages of fights after a Friday the 13th message appeared at the bottom of the main map. The messages have continued each Friday the 13th since.

It is unknown at present if these text messages have any purpose other than amusement. They don't appear to affect the outcome of those fights and the appearance of the text appeared to be random.


Special Messages


A black cat darts in front of you.
A murder of crows flies past in the sky.
After all that happens, you look down and notice a five-leaf clover.
Morty the Grave Digger passes by you.
You accidentally kick over a big can of salt that was sitting on the ground.
You discover yourself to be standing on a crack in the ground.
You hear a sickening *CRUNCH* as you accidentally step on a mirror on the ground.
You hear an owl hoot three times.
You look up and see a single magpie sitting in a tree, watching you with beady little eyes.
You notice a dead ladybug on the ground. You must have stepped on it during the fight.
You notice three chaos butterflies flying nearby.
You swagger away from the fight, directly under a ladder.

Damn it.


  • If you have a Snowy Owl familiar equipped the message reads:
<name> hoots ominously three times. Damn it.
  • You can also get the hooting owl message without a Snowy Owl familiar equipped.
  • If you break the giant mirror in the Sorceress's lair, you get a message saying:
You get the feeling that maybe you shouldn't've done that. Damn it.
  • If you include the Snowy Owl familiar message, there are 13 messages. Spooky!
  • These messages also show up if you have the effect Bad Luck.


  • "Watch out! Bad things can happen on Friday the 13th." is the line NetHack greets you with when starting or resuming a game on Friday the 13th
  • Most, if not all, of the messages refer to superstitions regarding bad luck and Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day of them all.
  • The magpie message references "magpie rhymes," for counting magpies, nearly all of which start with "one for sorrow." These are referenced in Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett.
  • The "After all that happens, you look down and notice a five-leaf clover" message is a reference to the "After all that happens, you look down and notice a ten-leaf clover" message which is occasionally received if you have The Marmot as your zodiac sign or if you have a lucky Crimbo tiki necklace equipped.
  • Morty the Grave Digger is a character from The Curse of Monkey Island.