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Fruits are a type of food that are found around the Kingdom. While they generally give a low adventure gain when consumed, their primary purpose is to serve as an ingredient to various cocktails, potions, and pies.

The easiest way to get fruit is to buy it at the The Hippy Store (and its successor). The seven hippy fruits are quite possibly the most common in the Kingdom. Other special fruit can be plucked off a Fruit Golem (or its lesser brethren, and in 2020, a new skeletons and some fruit bats were added also), gifted in a fruit basket, or won from the Lemon Party Slot.

Most fruits on this list can be inserted into Professor Jacking's Pneumatic Tube Interface with varying effects, including duplication.

Some fruit counts for the Biggest Fruitcake PvP minigame.

Now it's time to get to know your fruits.

Distilled Fruits
TPS Fruits
Produce Stand fruits
Sea fruits
Fruit From Distant Lands
Dreadsylvanian Fruit