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fruit basket
fruit basket

This is a basket of assorted fruits. The fruit was made from the sweat and toil of hippy farmers, and the basket was woven by some rich kid squandering his parents' money by taking pointless college courses.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 400 Meat.

(In-game plural: fruits basket)
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Item number: 1434
Description ID: 593246625
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Obtained From

The Hippy Camp (in disguise)
A Case of the Baskets (Lucky Adventure)

When Used

You dump out the basket of fruit (and brush away all the bugs. Yech.)
Orange.gifYou acquire some oranges
Grapefruit.gifYou acquire some grapefruits
Olive.gifYou acquire some olives

(That's weird. Who puts olives in a fruit basket?)

Lemon.gifYou acquire some lemons
Sberry.gifYou acquire some strawberries
Grapes.gifYou acquire some bunches of grapes
Tomato.gifYou acquire some tomatoes
Papaya.gifYou acquire some papayas
Cran.gifYou acquire some handfuls of cranberries
Lime.gifYou acquire some limes
Olive.gifYou acquire some jumbo olives
Cherry.gifYou acquire some cherries


  • You will receive 2-5 lesser fruits (oranges through cranberries) and 2-3 TPS fruits (limes, jumbo olives, cherries) from each fruit basket (averaging 3.5 lesser fruits and 2.5 TPS fruits per basket).
  • If there are no olives in the fruit basket, the text "(That's weird. Who puts olives in a fruit basket?)" will appear after the jumbo olive instead.
  • This item should not be confused with the fruit bowl, which used to be obtained by using a clover without wearing the filthy hippy disguise.



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