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Fullness is a normally invisible (and unfunny) stat in the kingdom, representing how full you are.

Each character's fullness rating begins at 0 after rollover or Ascension and can be increased by eating food or drinking non-alcoholic beverages. Each such item consumed increases your fullness rating by a fixed value.

The maximum fullness a character can be at is, by default, 15. If you try to eat something that would bring you over your maximum, you will simply fail with the notice that you are too full.

See also: Foods (By Size)

Fullness Capacity Modifiers

These change the maximum amount that your stomach can hold.

Name Modifier Notes
Feast of Boris +15
Stomach of Steel +5
Legendary Appetite +5
Being Boris +5
  • Only available during Avatar of Boris runs
  • Unlocked automatically at the beginning of the run
Insatiable Hunger +5
Ravenous Pounce +5
Lunch Like a King +5
Replacement Stomach +5
Prodigious Appetite +5
Being a Plumber +5
  • Only available during Path of the Plumber runs
  • Unlocked automatically at the beginning of the run
  • Also multiplies stat yields of foods by 10
lupine appetite hormones +3
Pantsgiving Variable, normally up to +3
  • Every resolved combat (victory, defeat, runaway) with Pantsgiving equipped increases a counter by 1 (even if you are not currently full).
  • If you are currently full, will grant +1 capacity on the 5th, 50th, 500th, or 5000th resolved combat of the day.
Gluttony +2
Cuppa Voraci tea +1
  • From the tea tree.
  • Increases capacity by 1 for the current day.
distention pill +1
sweet tooth +1
Pride -1
Being any Avatar of West of Loathing class -5
Being Jarlsberg -5
  • Only available during Avatar of Jarlsberg runs
  • You can return to normal capacity (15) with a class skill
Being Sneaky Pete -10
Being a Vampyre -10
  • Only available during Dark Gyffte runs
  • Also limited to specific bloody foods
Being in a Nuclear Autumn -12
  • Only available during Nuclear Autumn runs
  • Also limited to size 1 foods
Being a Shrunken Adventurer -13
  • Only available during A Shrunken Adventurer Am I runs
  • Unlocked automatically at the beginning of the run
  • Food yield 50x stats and 10x adventures
Being Ed -15
Being a Gelatinous Noob -15
Having a License to Adventure -15
Being a Robot -15

Fullness Modifiers

These reduce your current fullness.

Name Modifier Notes
alien animal milk 3 Reduces your current fullness by 3.
spice melange 3
Ultra Mega Sour Ball 3
  • Reduces your current drunkenness and fullness by 3.
  • Stacks with spice melange.
Doc Clock's thyme cocktail 2
  • Reduces your current fullness by 2.
  • Costs 4 drunkenness.
The Mad Liquor 1
  • Reduces your current fullness by 1.
  • Costs 3 drunkenness.
Aug. 16th: Roller Coaster Day! 1
  • Reduces your current fullness by 1.
  • Also gives 30 turns of Lost Stomach.

Things affected by Fullness


  • Jick was opposed to adding a fullness counter for years, mostly because "it's just not funny" to have eaten a meal, as opposed to being stupid drunk. He still doesn't think it's funny, but added a fullness counter in an October 6, 2011 trivial update.
  • By default, the fullness counter is not displayed; in order to turn it on, go to the Interface section of the Options menu. This is useful, but it is not funny.