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Max per day from Mayfly Bait?


Dinsey employees are paid in company scrip, which can only be spent on goods and services at Dinsey-branded stores. Because the Dinsey Corporation's parks exist on land that is technically a sovereign nation, it is exempt from the kinds of labor regulation that would normally make this sort of thing illegal.

Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: FunFunds™)
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Item number: 8205
Description ID: 940383486
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Obtained From

Employee Assignment Kiosk
Reward for completing a daily task (3)
Maint Misbehavin'
Reward for daily disposing of waste (3)
Doggy Heaven
Scheduled noncombat after every 50 completed Barf Mountain combats with the Hallowiener Dog (1)
lovebugs (after some combats in any Dinseylandfill zone, max 2/day)
mayfly bait necklace (after some combats, when using Summon Mayfly Swarm in any Dinseylandfill zone, max ?/day)
bag of foreign bribes (1-3, sometimes)
lucky gold ring (sometimes, if Dinseylandfill is accessible)



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