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No matter if you're laying a well-deserved smackdown on a filthy hippy or simply trying to survive the Bonerdagon, it all comes down to game mechanics. Muscle, Mysticality, Moxie, HP, MP and more all come into play in determining gameplay outcomes.

Jick, in His infinite wisdom, has given us many tools that influence gameplay: equipment, skills, familiars, even phases of the moons! Some of these tools directly or indirectly influence combat results or gains from combat while others govern other aspects of gameplay.

We don't have the whole skinny on all game mechanics, but we do have comprehensive listings of tools that modify a particular aspect of gameplay. Here they are:


  • There are some exceptions to the mechanics listed below; these exceptions are listed in Special Interactions.

Character Base Stats

Character Substat Gains


Core Combat Mechanics

Combat Abilities

The Spoils of Victory!


Unrelated to Combat

Item Lists

Maximizing Your...

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