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Poolduck.gif Poolduck2.gif Poolduck.gif Poolduck2.gif
Today is Generic Summer Holiday!
Go get some pool toys at the Market, and go for a swim in Market Square!
Poolduck.gif Poolduck2.gif Poolduck.gif Poolduck2.gif

As luck would have it, the festivals for several different religious sects fall on this day in mid-summer. For years, the various fanatics from each religion insisted that theirs was the only true holiday for that day, and got horribly offended when anyone called the holiday anything other than what they called it, and everyone had different traditions and rituals, and the retail stores got the holidays all confused, trying to figure out how to sell it to everyone without offending anyone, and there was almost a huge holy war throughout the Kingdom... until finally someone quit arguing, noticed it was a nice day outside, and suggested that everyone just take a break and go swimming.

And thus was the fighting ended, and the Generic Summer Holiday was born.



Special Items

At The Market, you may buy pool toys for 300 Meat each. Equipping any of these accessories grants access to swim in the Fountain, which has non-combat adventures which grant effects based on which pool toy is equipped.

Pool Toys! Adventure Effect (10 Adventures)*
Poolnoodle.gif foam noodle Noodling Around Full-Body Tan bonus Moxie substats equal to your level
Poolduck.gif inflatable duck Huff, Puff Heavily Breathing bonus Muscle substats equal to your level
Poolwings.gif water wings On Wings of Plastic Marco Polarity bonus Mysticality substats equal to your level
*Substat gains only occur during combat adventures


  • Swimming in A Reasonably-Sized Fountain with more than 1 of the special items will result in a random effect chosen from those given by the items equipped.
  • In addition to the 10 turns of the effect specific to your chosen item, you will also get 1 turn of Eldritch Attunement if you are neither in Ronin nor Hardcore.
    • Prior to 2020/04/11, Eldritch Attunement was also granted to players in Hardcore/Ronin, creating incredible turn-saving potential.
  • It is not possible to go swimming while falling-down drunk. Doing so will result in a Drunken Stupor adventure.
  • Although the first Generic Summer Holiday should have occurred December 7th, 2007, Jick admitted on the radio show for December 6th that it took them by surprise, and that it would not occur until the next Bill 3.
  • On the 22 September 2008 radio show, Jick and Mr. Skullhead indicated that Generic Summer Holiday firing on Bill 2 was a mistake, and it should fall on Bill 3 in the future.

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