Giant Trash Quest

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When you get to level 10, the The Council of Loathing will inform you that the Nearby Plains are filling up with giant garbage.

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Dis portal.gif
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Rabbit hole.gif
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Scorch mark.gif
Garbage tube.gif
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Garbage tomato.gif
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Class Equipment Received
Seal Clubber/
Turtle Tamer/
Avatar of Boris/
Zombie Slayer
Bottlecap.gifYou acquire an item: giant discarded bottlecap
Avatar of Jarlsberg/
Actually Ed the Undying/
Giantfork.gifYou acquire an item: giant discarded plastic fork
Accordion Thief/
Disco Bandit/
Avatar of Sneaky Pete/
Gelatinous Noob
Tornglove.gifYou acquire an item: giant discarded torn-up glove

Council Text

On initial visit:

Something is amiss, Adventurer. The Nearby Plains are filling up with giant piles of garbage, and despite our best efforts, it keeps falling from the sky faster than we can clean it up. We need you to figure out where it's coming from, and put a stop to it.

On subsequent visits:

Please try to figure out where this garbage is coming from, Adventurer! Perhaps you can find a clue by poking around the Nearby Plains.

Upon completion:

We're not sure what you did, Adventurer, but the garbage finally stopped falling. Thanks a lot!
Oh, by the way -- we found this in the garbage when we were cleaning up, and thought you might have some use for it.
Bottlecap.gifYou acquire an item: giant discarded bottlecap


Giantfork.gifYou acquire an item: giant discarded plastic fork


Tornglove.gifYou acquire an item: giant discarded torn-up glove

Garbage and Hints

Clicking on each piece of garbage offers a hint as to what to do next, or in the case of the coffee grounds, plants an enchanted bean.

  • Some Giant Crushed Beer Cans:
    This is, without a doubt, the largest pair of cans you've ever seen. You do not want to mess with a guy who can drink this much beer.

    From the way they're crushed, it looks like they were dropped from a pretty great height.
  • A Giant Toilet Paper Tube:
    You crawl inside the tube and investigate it. It's like crawling into a regular toilet paper tube, only you actually fit. It doesn't shed much light on the mystery...
  • A Giant Discarded Plastic Fork:
    Seeing this giant fork makes you wonder what the giant fork is going on in this place. It's as if some giants are just randomly dropping garbage out of the sky.

    But no, that can't be possible. Can it?
  • A Giant Rotten Tomato:
    You walk up to the tomato and consider it for a moment. Can you imagine if somebody made a movie about a bunch of giants that lived in a castle in the sky, and could only be reached via, I dunno, some kind of enchanted beanstalk or something?

    That would be the worst movie ever.
  • A Giant Fish Carcass:
    You poke the giant fish carcass with a stick. Something's fishy here, all right. There's no way this fish is local.
  • A Giant Wedge of Moldy Cheese:
    You investigate the giant block of moldy cheese. It is, as you suspected, very moldy and very cheesy.

    Speaking of cheesy, what is up with childrens' fairy tales, am I right? I mean, a kid plants a magic bean, and it grows into a beanstalk, and he climbs the beanstalk up to some kind of crazy castle in the sky with giants in it? Seriously? Come up with some better material, people.
  • A Giant Banana Peel:
    You check out the banana peel. It's pretty fresh, but you can't think of any use for it, unless you wanted to make a hilarious short film about a giant. Hmm. A giant...
  • A Giant Pile of Coffee Grounds:
    • Without an enchanted bean:
    You stare at the pile of coffee grounds. Such a waste. Didn't your grandma tell you once that coffee grounds make really good fertilizer?
    That's probably nonsense. She was crazy, after all. Always going on about enchanted beans and whatnot. Truly batty.
    Hmm. Bats.
    • With an enchanted bean:
    You stare at the pile of coffee grounds for a minute and it occurs to you that maybe your grandma wasn't so crazy after all. You pull out an enchanted bean and plop it into the pile of grounds. It immediately grows into an enormous beanstalk. (You lose an enchanted bean.)


  • The title of the adventure in which you encounter the Wheel in the Sky is called "Wheel in the Clouds in the Sky Keep on Turning." This is an homage (or a satire) to the Journey song, "Wheel in the Sky": "Ooo the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin' / I don't know where I'll be tomorrow / Ooo the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'."
  • The title of the quest is a play on the phrase "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain." It's from the musical My Fair Lady, specifically the scene in which Henry Higgins asks Eliza Doolittle to recite it for him (in song form, of course).
  • The Penultimate Fantasy Airship is a parody of late-90s Japanese RPGs, particularly the Final Fantasy series. Airships are a staple of the franchise, and the items, monsters and "anime losers" encountered aboard resemble iconic characters and items of the genre.
  • The title "Somewhere over the beanstalk" refers to the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" sung in The Wizard of Oz.
  • The hint provided at the Giant Rotten Tomato is a nod at the film review site, Rotten Tomatoes. It might also be a nod at Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, a film about giant tomatoes considered by some to be the worst movie ever.