Giant driftwood sculpture

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giant driftwood sculpture
giant driftwood sculpture

Unlike other hippy "sculptures," this one can't be used for burning herbs and inhaling the smoke. Rather, it's one hippy's attempt to lay bare the nature of his soul through art. The upshot is that it's a giant tangle of wood, rusty baling wire, and pieces of colored glass. If you hold it by one end and flail wildly, you're sure to express the pain of an artist's tortured soul in concrete, physical terms.

Type: weapon (2-handed flail)
Damage: 19 - 38
Muscle Required: 80
Selling Price: 175 Meat.

Moxie +8
Weapon Damage +15

(In-game plural: giant driftwood sculptures)
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Item number: 2692
Description ID: 121281158
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Obtained From

The Hippy Camp (Wartime) (50 dimes)

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