Glark cable

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glark cable
glark cable

This is an electrical cable with a proprietary fitting on one end labeled "GLARK BATTERY ONLY."

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 20 Meat.

Instantly defeats most monsters on the Red Zeppelin

(In-game plural: glark cables)
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Item number: 7246
Description ID: 841152773
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Obtained From

The Red Zeppelin
red butler
diabolic pizza (0-1) (warlike pizza)

When Used

You plug the cable into the zeppelin's nearest glark port, and hand the other end to your enemy, who is neatly vaporized when you flip the switch next to the port.
  • Against eligible monsters while in The Red Zeppelin (After your 5th use that day):
You plug the cable into the nearest glark port, but it doesn't do anything. I guess the zeppelin's glark batteries are dead. Maybe try again tomorrow?.
This enemy is glark-resistant.
  • Against monsters while in other locations:
You can't figure out where to plug the cable in here.


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