Glob of salty molasses

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glob of salty molasses
glob of salty molasses

This is a glob of one of the many varieties of revolting material used in Mer-kin cuisine.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 22 Meat.
Effect: Molasses Flooded (1 Adventure)Makes you a better diver

(In-game plural: globs of salty molasses)
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Item number: 10393
Description ID: 132552047
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Obtained From

Obsolete Areas/Methods
Gingerbread Reef
Mer-kin baker

When Used

You choke down the nasty molasses as fast as you can, but, y'know.
Molasses.gifYou acquire an effect: Molasses Flooded
(duration: 1 Adventure)


  • During the events of Crimbo 2019, this item gave 30 turns of Molasses Flooded instead of the current one (turn).


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