Glow-in-the-dark dart gun

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glow-in-the-dark dart gun
glow-in-the-dark dart gun

The most irritating thing about shooting someone is trying to find your gun in the dark (well, okay, second only to having to hide the body). This gun glows brightly in the darkest darkness, and the darts it shoots glow as well. So not only can you find your gun, you can see what you're shooting at, and then see if you hit it!

In fact, if it wasn't for the whole "potentially lethal levels of background radiation" thing, it'd be the perfect weapon. But let's not pick nits.

Type: ranged weapon (1-handed pistol)
Damage: 5 - 10
Cannot be discarded

+X Moxie
+2X Ranged Damage
Super Accurate!

(In-game plural: glow-in-the-dark dart guns)
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Item number: 3669
Description ID: 833264909
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Obtained From

Crimbo Town (2008)
Uncle Crimbo's Fallout Shelter
Merry Crimbo!


  • The glow-in-the-dark dart gun's enchantments vary with moonlight, where X = 9 - light.
  • The "Super Accurate!" enchantment was broken until July 2011, according to Jick
  • Super Accurate seems to be +X to-hit bonus, as spaded here.

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