Goblin autoblowgun

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goblin autoblowgun
goblin autoblowgun

This is a pretty clever piece of primitive gadgetry, actually. Fundamentally, it's your basic blowgun -- a long tube that you blow air into, in order to shoot a poisoned dart out the other end. This one, however, has been fitted with a little hopper of needles on one side, which roll one by one into the tube to keep it loaded. On the other end, there's a little thing that looks like a garlic press, which you put one of those bright orange jungle frogs in, and the poison drips into the barrel of the blowgun and poisons the needles as they fly out. Neat!

Type: ranged weapon (2-handed blowgun)
Damage: 8 - 16
Moxie Required: 25
Selling Price: 86 Meat.

Ranged Damage +5
50% chance of poisoning opponent.

(In-game plural: goblin autoblowguns)
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Item number: 4056
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Obtained From

The Jungles of Ancient Loathing
tribal goblin


  • An enemy poisoned by this weapon will suffer damage in addition to the normal attack damage and any familiar attack damage.
  • Poison damage in the first round is 1/8 to 3/8 of the original physical damage from the strike. The damage halves each subsequent round until it goes to zero.
  • The damage inflicted by the poison is physical in nature; all physical-resistant monsters will be dealt 1 point of damage by the poison.


  • The description is similar to that of a paintball marker, with added frogs and garlic press, of course.

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