Goggles of Loathing

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Goggles of Loathing
Goggles of Loathing

These goggles show you the world the way it truly is: out to get you. They also include a handsome rubberized skullcap to hold them in place and reduce drag.

Type: hat
Power: 200
Mysticality Required: 150
Outfit: Clothing of Loathing
  (7 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded

Makes you a better diver
Combat Initiative +50%
Superhuman Hot Resistance (+5)

(In-game plural: pairs of Goggles of Loathing)
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Item number: 4312
Description ID: 983649955
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Hammer.gif Lens of Hatred Lens of Violence
Equals.gif Goggles of Loathing


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The Clothing of Loathing - edit
Hateful Habiliment
Hate lens.gif
Lens of Hatred
Hate staff.gif
Staff of Simmering Hatred
Hate stone.gif
Cold Stone of Hatred
Hate pants.gif
Pantaloons of Hatred
Hate slippers.gif
Fuzzy Slippers of Hatred
Hate girdle.gif
Girdle of Hatred
Dad machine.gif
Violent Vestments
Vio lens.gif
Lens of Violence
Vio knife.gif
Pigsticker of Violence
Vio brand.gif
Brand of Violence
Vio pants.gif
Jodhpurs of Violence
Vio boots.gif
Ass-Stompers of Violence
Vio buckle.gif
Novelty Belt Buckle of Violence
Dad Sea Monkee
Clothing of Loathing
Loathe goggles.gif
Goggles of Loathing
Loathe snife.gif
Stick-Knife of Loathing
Loathe scepter.gif
Scepter of Loathing
Loathe jeans.gif
Jeans of Loathing
Loathe boots.gif
Treads of Loathing
Loathe belt.gif
Belt of Loathing
Loathe square.gif
Pocket Square of Loathing
  Hat Weapon (1-Handed) Off-Hand Pants Accessory Accessory Accessory