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Grandma can be found in The Sea Monkees' Castle. She will only appear here after you have rescued her from the The Mer-Kin Outpost using Grandma's Map during the Sea Monkees Quest.

  • On visiting Grandma:

Sm gw.gifOh, hello there, dearie. You look cold. Would you like me to make something for you?

Item: Price:
Merkinmask.gif crappy Mer-kin mask Gladmask.gif 1
Merkinmask.gif crappy Mer-kin mask Scholarmask.gif 1
Merkinmask.gif crappy Mer-kin mask Divehelmet.gif 1 Scale3.gif 3
Tailpiece.gif crappy Mer-kin tailpiece Seachaps.gif 1 Teflonfins.gif 1 Scale3.gif 3
Gladmask.gif Mer-kin gladiator mask Merkinmask.gif 1 Headguard.gif 1
Tailpiece g.gif Mer-kin gladiator tailpiece Tailpiece.gif 1 Thighguard.gif 1
Scholarmask.gif Mer-kin scholar mask Merkinmask.gif 1 Facecowl.gif 1
Tailpiece s.gif Mer-kin scholar tailpiece Tailpiece.gif 1 Waistrope.gif 1
Doily.gif sushi doily Sealace.gif 1
Cozy1.gif scimitar cozy Sealace.gif 3 Scale3.gif 1
Cozy3.gif fish stick cozy Sealace.gif 3 Scale3.gif 1
Cozy2.gif bazooka cozy Sealace.gif 3 Scale3.gif 1
Scaleunderwear.gif scale-mail underwear Scale1.gif 25 Scale3.gif 1
Seaback1.gif sea mantle Scale3.gif 5
Seaback2.gif sea shawl Scale3.gif 5
Seaback3.gif sea cape Scale3.gif 5
Waterbed.gif saltwaterbed Sealeather.gif 15
You have:
Gladmask.gif A Mer-kin gladiator masks
Scholarmask.gif B Mer-kin scholar masks
Divehelmet.gif C aerated diving helmets
Scale3.gif D pristine fish scales
Seachaps.gif E pairs of sea chaps
Teflonfins.gif F pairs of teflon swim fins
Merkinmask.gif G crappy Mer-kin masks
Headguard.gif H Mer-kin headguards
Tailpiece.gif I crappy Mer-kin tailpieces
Thighguard.gif J Mer-kin thighguards
Facecowl.gif K Mer-kin facecowls
Waistrope.gif L Mer-kin waistropes
Sealace.gif M pieces of sea lace
Scale1.gif N dull fish scales
Sealeather.gif P pieces of sea leather


  • The crappy Mer-kin mask recipes that deconstruct the gladiator or scholar masks will not appear unless you have the ingredients. The gladiator and scholar masks will also only appear in the ingredients list when you have at least 1.