Gravyskin Belt of the Sauceblob

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Gravyskin Belt of the Sauceblob
Gravyskin Belt of the Sauceblob

You know how if you let gravy sit for too long, it gets that skin on the surface? Well, it turns out that if it sits for way too long, that skin thickens and dries and turns into a substance that's a lot like leather, except a million times more disgusting to think about. And that's what you've got here: a strip of congealed, leather-like Sauceblob hide. You figure you could use it as a belt.

Wear it in good health.

Type: accessory
Mysticality Required: 45
Outfit: Legendary Regalia of the Saucemaestro
  (4 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded

Mysticality +11
Regenerate 10-12 MP per adventure
3 Additional Scrumptious Reagent Summons Per Day*

(Bonus for Saucerors only)

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.
*This enchantment works even when this item is not equipped.

(In-game plural: Gravyskin Belts of the Sauceblob)
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Item number: 4325
Description ID: 918726420
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Obtained From

A Volcanic Cave
Lumpy, the Demonic Sauceblob

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