Greek Pasta Spoon of Peril

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Greek Pasta Spoon of Peril
Greek Pasta Spoon of Peril

Like any good, hearty pasta-based meal, this stuff really sticks to your ribs. Or anywhere else it happens to land, since basically what you've got is napalm in noodle form. And yes, the smell is indeed reminiscent of victory, if by 'victory' you mean "charred and smoking flesh".

Type: weapon (1-handed utensil)
Damage: 9 - 18
Mysticality Required: 15
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Mysticality +11
+10% Food Drops from Monsters
Combat Initiative +25%

(In-game plural: Greek Pasta Spoon of Perils)
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Item number: 2561
Description ID: 370831124
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Hammer.gif Pasta Spoon of Peril High-octane olive oil
Equals.gif Greek Pasta Spoon of Peril




  • This weapon is likely a reference to Greek fire, a napalm-like weapon used by the Byzantine Empire.
  • The smell being "remniscient of victory" refers to a famous line from the film Apocalypse Now: "I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like victory."

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